The Practical Ecommerce team has published a video recording from its online seminar. The video is titled ’10 Ways to Grow an Email List in 2019′.

Watch this video to learn ten ways to grow your ecommerce email list.

The Practical Ecommerce team says, “Our presentation will include the following key points.

  • Popups for signups. We’ll review good and bad ways to use popups for email signups. We’ll address mobile popups as well as tips for deploying popups on desktop browsers.
  • Mining the database. Especially for mature email programs, an existing email database typically contains old, unused, and outdated addresses. We’ll explain the best way to update addresses, to revive those (dormant) subscribers.
  • Tactics from top brands.  Large ecommerce companies can have highly sophisticated email programs that lead the industry in opens, clicks, and conversions. We’ll cite leading examples, for inspiration.
  • Attracting mobile subscribers.  Enticing mobile users to subscribe to an email list requires different tactics than for desktop users. We’ll review innovative ways to appeal to consumers on mobile devices, with examples from successful merchants
  • Overlooked ideas. Co-registration programs can generate new subscribers, as can contests and surveys. We’ll review the latest in often-overlooked (but effective) subscription promotions”.

10 Ways to Grow an Email List in 2019

Practical Ecommerce

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