An attractive opt-in form is a critical ingredient for high conversion rates. You could use the one provided by your autoresponder company, but they are bland and yours looks like everyone else’s. You can hire a professional designer to create a custom one for you, but it could cost $100 or more.

Even worse for the serious marketer, these opt-in forms have another key drawback. Split-testing alternative designs can be difficult and costly, and for a non-programmer, virtually impossible. But now Jennifer Taylor has a solution to our limited opt-in options.

Taylor has just released the Gangsta Optins Plugin, that’s easy to use, flexible and makes attractive opt-in pages.

Once you install it in WordPress, you just
1. Paste in the code from your autorecponder (AWeber, GetResponse, etc.),
2. Select the design you want from its modern, sophisticated styles,
3, Select the colors you want (You can separately pick the background color, the headline color, the text color and the call to action button color)
4. Then use the resulting shortcode to place the opt-in box anywhere you want it.

You aren’t limited to placing your opt-in box in the sidebar any longer. With Gangsta Optins Plugin, you can place your opt-in form inside any post or on any page.

Flexibility doesn’t stop there. For example, you can use any text you want on the CTA button. And it auto-sizes to fit the allocated space on the screen.

To top it all off, you get developer and resale rights to this plug-in.

Find out the whole story here:: Gangsta Optins Plugin

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