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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Auto Video Creator: An easier way to make sales videos #ad

If you have wanted to start making sales videos, but have been concerned about the cost and the difficulty, Todd Gross and Shannon Murphy have a solution for you, Auto Video Creator. It’s being released at 12:01 AM EDT today, with a discount price that will be good until Noon EDT. On the sales page, you can see 5 videos created by the software. You can add a voice track (or a music track, if you prefer) to your video. And if you prefer to not speak or hire a voiceover artist, your computer voice software can be used to insert the voice. Auto Video Creator runs on Windows (and has been tested... [...]

6 Second Blaster: The viral power of Vine videos #ad

Vine is a popular piece of software the thousands of people are using to create compilations of videos, funny, inspiring, or “you name it” videos. It debuted just one year ago, but it’s responsible for some of the most watched videos ever. Marketers can use Vine to build videos to promote their product or an affiliate product they want to sell. It is a curation tool that has many uses. The nice thing is that these videos can often go viral. The bad thing is that it normally takes hours and hours to create one. That’s why Vlad M created 6 Second Blaster. This new software... [...]

Video Spin Blaster Pro builds marketing videos quickly #ad

Video content is responsible for the majority of traffic on the internet, and it has been for a good while. And, of course, YouTube is the biggest player in video traffic, from cute cat videos to speeches by world leaders to advertising messages. People pay attention to video. If you ignore it, there’s no question: your marketing will suffer. Of course, that requires that you create videos to place on YouTube and other video sites. But how can you do that quickly? You can’t wait days for an outsourcer or spend hours, yourself, to get your video, can you? Now, you don’t have to.... [...]