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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Video Maker Toolkit V2: 100s of SVGs for videos and more #ad

What do you need to make animated videos that really sell? Well, you could hire someone who claims to know how and pay them to make a video for you, try it and see if it works. It may not, and you start over again. But surely, there’s a better way. You, or someone on your team, can make good videos yourself if you have the right tools. That includes a program that can build videos, either on your own computer or on a web server that you subscribe to. The most frequently used video software by entrepreneurs running small marketing businesses are: : Keynote, : Powerpoint, : VideoMakerFX... [...]

Doodle Ads, high quality ads with any marketing video software #ad

Whiteboard videos, if professional looking , can be effective tools in marketing products and services. Dr David Kyte (a psychologist) and Piers Baker (a cartoonist), both of them effective marketers, have created a package of SVG graphic components and video psychology instruction that can increase the quality of your ads several-fold. They call their package of training and graphics Doodle Ads. The SVG graphics are just what is needed to use in video creation software, such as Video Maker FX, Easy Sketch Pro, and ExplainDIO. You get over 170 of these graphics that you can mix any way you like,... [...]

Video Suite Pro: Better Videos for Better Sales #ad

Video on your website is the single most helpful thing you can do to build your business, if the videos are well done. Videos: • Explain things that are hard to explain any other way. • Keep people’s attention and keep them on your site longer • Impress the search engines with the richness of your content, so they rank you higher. How can you make videos of such a quality that people are drawn to them? Video Suite Pro. This new software has video enhancements that can be used with any video maker you are using: Explaindio, VideoMakerFX, Easy Sketch Pro, PowerPoint, Open Office, Adobe... [...]

Super Whiteboard Graphics Toolkit, your path to better videos #ad

SuperGoodProduct.Com has just released a large package of marketing graphics called the Super Whiteboard Graphics Toolkit. If you use PowerPoint, Keynote, EasySketch Pro or any other video editing software, you will find many uses for these graphics. Super Whiteboard Graphics Toolkit is a jumbo collection (over 700 graphics) of attractive whiteboard graphics. You can use them to enhance any video or presentation project. These graphics are provided in two formats: SVG and transparent PNG. SVG (“scalable vector graphic”) scales to any size you want. Then use iit in videos and graphic... [...]