What do you need to make animated videos that really sell? Well, you could hire someone who claims to know how and pay them to make a video for you, try it and see if it works. It may not, and you start over again.

But surely, there’s a better way. You, or someone on your team, can make good videos yourself if you have the right tools. That includes a program that can build videos, either on your own computer or on a web server that you subscribe to.

The most frequently used video software by entrepreneurs running small marketing businesses are:

: Keynote,
: Powerpoint,
: VideoMakerFX ,
: Easy Sketch Pro,
: Explaindio.

And there are a dozen more that some of you may be using.

But just having software that builds videos isn’t enough. You need attractive sales graphics to insert into the software to tell your story.

That’s why Max Rylski created Video Maker Toolkit and why he just released his second version, much enhanced from the first.

This kit contains hundreds of graphic elements you can use for videos and for still images. Just look at the resources in this toolkit:
• 100s Of Whiteboard SVG Graphics
• 100 HD Animated Video Backgrounds
• Dozens of Live Footage Videos
• 100 Cutout People Photos
• 100 Cartoon Mascot Characters
• Dozens of PowerPoint Templates with 100s of Slides (including 40 animated slides)
• 100+ Background Images
• 100’s Audio Files (Music, Sound Effects and Voices)
• and More.

The large collection in Video Maker Toolkit V2 can be used over and over in all your personal projects for a price that will surprise you: $20.

A single graphic would probably cost you more than that if you had it custom drawn for you, but you get hundreds, all for this low price, drawn by a professional artist.

You can add a touch of professionalism to all your projects with these graphics from Rylski. Get them here: Video Maker Toolkit V2 .

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