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Monday, September 25, 2023

SyndRanker Ultimate: Automate social media posting & links #ad

You can have (and probably should have) accounts on multiple social media platforms, all linking to your main website. Each of these can potentially drive traffic to your site. But for them to do so, these accounts need to have content posted. That’s why you need SyndRanker Ultimate. Read on to find out more. The users of YouTube are a bit different population than the users of Twitter or the users of Facebook. People have their preferred social media. In your marketing, you want to attract buyers to your site, regardless of which social media site they prefer. To attract people from up... [...]

Automate social media marketing with Bleupage Pro (Last Chance) #ad

During the launch week, you have a chance to get Bleupage Pro for a low one-time fee, but after this weekend, your opportunity will expire. As we have reported earlier, Bleupage Pro will automate content for your social media accounts on these social platforms: • Facebook, • Instagram, • • Twitter, • LinkedIn, • Pinterest, • Google+ and • WordPress Why is this important? Because a great majority of social media users interact only inside their social account (such as the Facebook newsfeed). It’s not likely that these users will visit your shared link... [...]