During the launch week, you have a chance to get Bleupage Pro for a low one-time fee, but after this weekend, your opportunity will expire.

As we have reported earlier, Bleupage Pro will automate content for your social media accounts on these social platforms:
• Facebook,
• Instagram,
• • Twitter,
• LinkedIn,
• Pinterest,
• Google+ and
• WordPress

Why is this important? Because a great majority of social media users interact only inside their social account (such as the Facebook newsfeed). It’s not likely that these users will visit your shared link to opt in for your offer.

Bleupage Pro lets you create a post and publish it to all of its social platforms with just one click.

When you are using Bleupage Pro, you get:
■ Unlimited Post Scheduling
■ Real time posting
■ A powerful post designer
■ An IOS Mobile Application
■ A bulk uploader
■ Support for 7 Social Media Platforms

Using these powerful features of Bleupage Pro, a careful marketer can:

• Save Time – It takes hours and hours to manage multiple social media accounts manually… That won’t be necessary now.

• Save Money – Now, you won’t have to hire someone to take the work off your hands so you can do more important things. Bleupage Pro will do the work for you

Once you get accustomed to using Bleupage Pro, you may find that you make more money because this software is smarter than the average human so it will get you more fans, likes, followers, and traffic than you could on your own.

Because of the guarantee offered on Bleupage Pro, here’s no risk when you get your hands on it today.

Remember, the price is going up and, even worse, the launch pricing goes away completely after this weekend.

Click here now to see it in action and get your own discounted copy: Bleupage Pro

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