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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Quizzmate: Interactive quizzes for improved engagement, leads, and sales #ad

Every website needs traffic and leads. That’s a given. The ideal would be viral traffic, where one happy visitor encourages someone else to visit. However, for many sites, viral traffic never seems to happen. You have to come up with clever social media posts, landing pages, giveaways, and do it over and over to keep traffic coming. What if you could get the traffic and leads you want, but do so without all that hard work, and in as little as 2 minutes? With Quizzmate, your viral traffic dreams may become reality. This new software gives you not one, not two, but five powerful tools that draw... [...]

Quizzmate: Easy viral leadgen from websites, social media #ad

Yogesh Agarwal and Pat Flannagan have just released a new software tool to increase your site engagement using quizes. They call this new tool Quizzmate. Every website, yours and mine included, needs traffic — Viral traffic would be best — and leads, people interested in what you have to sell. The key question, though, is, “How do you separate people who are casually browsing and wander onto your site from people who have a genuine interest in your products?” One of the best answers to that question is to invite them to take a quiz about the subject. The quizzes you present... [...]