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Friday, June 21, 2024

Join us at Membership Site Success Summit, Last Chance #ad

IM NewsWatch is in the planning stage for a membership version of our site. We were excited when we heard of this free training online showing exactly how to build and operate a successful membership site. Liam Austin has assembled over 20 membership site experts to show you how to do it successfully. This Membership Site Success Summit is underway now, and it is still possible to get in on some expert training on this important marketing tool. The Membership Site Success Summit has kicked off, but don’t worry – there’s still time to watch most of the sessions. The feedback has... [...]

Last-minute invite: Membership Site Success Summit #ad

Today is the kick-off for the Membership Site Success Summit Claim your spot now so you don’t miss a thing. If you, like many other entrepreneurs, want to build a recurring revenue stream in your business, you’ll want to clear your calendar for this conference. Grab your free ticket here: Membership Site Success Summit. The summit host, Liam Austin, has a track record of producing some excellent summits, and this may be his best yet. The presenters are people who have created a business for themselves, a business that brings in a recurring 6-figure (some make 7-figures) revenue every year. During... [...]

Free pass to Membership Site Success Summit #ad

If done well, a “membership site” where interested people sign up and pay a monthly or annual fee can be a win-win opportunity. Members can receive valuable information, software or other tools that will help them in their business or personal lives. The owner of the site can receive value, too. They get: ■ The immediate income from their members ■ The long-term relationship with members, a relationship that provides many other opportunities for income. ■ Increased visibility and credibility on the niche they target, which can bring in increasing sales over time. It’s no... [...]

Proven strategies for conversion (Free ticket to online event) #ad

The Sales Conversion Success Summit begins next week, on June 6-9. The lineup of speakers is impressive. Over 20 top expert marketers will be sharing the tactics they use to increase their sales online, including these top experts: • Dr. Ivan Misner, • Marisa Murgatroyd, • Tyson Quick, • Heather Morgan, • Jeb Blount, • Matthew Pollard, • Viveka von Rosen, • Ian Lurie, • Ryan Urban, • and more. If you aren’t familiar with some of these people, check out their bio information here: Sales Conversion Success Summit Speakers. This can be an unprecedented opportunity to learn... [...]

Ultimate Sales Conversion Guide 2017 (free download) #ad

Liam Austin has scheduled The Sales Conversion Summit to start in a few days. In this online multi-day webinar, Austin and the invited speakers will share techniques that have been proven to increase conversions of visitors to your website to paying customers. Until the summit arrives, Austin (who is chairman of EntrepreneursHQ) has created a training guide on conversion to explain the fundamentals. He is offering it for free, so it’s worth downloading here: Ultimate Sales Conversion Guide 2017. Austin asked his handpicked lineup of sales conversion experts, entrepreneurs and successful business... [...]

Are you converting enough of your prospects into sales? #ad

If people don’t respond to your offer, whether online or in person, you don’t make a sale. And you don’t earn any money. Ultimate Sales Conversion Guide 2017 was prepared by Liam Austin and his team at Entrepreneurs HQ to address this critical issue. After surveying their 150,000+ audience, Entrepreneurs HQ wasn’t surprised to discover that many of them wrestle with this conversion issue. Ultimate Sales Conversion Guide 2017 is their response. And for one week, they are making it available at no charge. This guide addresses the foundations of successful sales conversions... [...]

Last-min invite: Marketing Automation Success Summit today #ad

It’s just a few hours (maybe, just minutes) until kick-off for theMarketing Automation Success Summit at 9:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. Claim your spot right now so you don’t miss a thing. Grab your free ticket here​: ​Marketing Automation Success Summit. The summit host, Liam Austin, has a track record of producing some informative summits, and this is not going to be an exception… Liam has handpicked the 30+ speakers to make sure he only shares the very best teaching with us. These are the automation strategies that have helped build multimillion dollar companies. You’ll be learning... [...]

Maximize your marketing productivity with automation #ad

The Marketing Automation Success Summit, hosted by Liam Austin, starts tomorrow. The agenda is now final and the list of speakers is impressive. In the Summit, 30+ proven entrepreneurs and experts will share their step-by-step marketing automation strategies. They are sharing the very blueprints that have ​ ​grown their businesses into some of the best in the world. This might be a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from names like: ■ Neil Patel, ■ Greg Smith, ■ Megan Harrison, ■ David Darmanin, ■ Yariv Dror, and ■ Heather Porter. If you google their names, you will see what... [...]

Marketing Automation Summit delayed; guide still available #ad

We were notified by Liam Austin of Entrepreneurs HQ, that his free online event on marketing automation, the Marketing Automation Success Summit will be delayed for one week to allow time to expanding and enhancing the content. It will now be held on March 14-17. As before, the Summit will contain training sessions by over 30 marketers experienced in improving marketing success through automation. And, to let you get started in your automation training, he is holding open his offer for his e-book on marketing automation. It’s a remarkable 32 page PDF called The Ultimate Marketing Automation... [...]

Marketing automation feels overwhelming? This free guide is for you #ad

Not that interested in automating your marketing? Think automation software and tools will cost you too much money? Require a lot of effort and time you can’t spare? A lot of people feel that way. Unfortunately, not keeping up to date with new technology and new ways to market your business, will lead to you falling behind your competitors. It’s inevitable in this day and age. Automation is the only way to keep up. Liam Austin from EntrepreneursHQ, is hosting a free online event on marketing automation, the Marketing Automation Success Summit on March 7-10. Among the 30+ speakers are marketing... [...]

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