IM NewsWatch is in the planning stage for a membership version of our site.

We were excited when we heard of this free training online showing exactly how to build and operate a successful membership site.

Liam Austin has assembled over 20 membership site experts to show you how to do it successfully.

This Membership Site Success Summit is underway now, and it is still possible to get in on some expert training on this important marketing tool.

The Membership Site Success Summit has kicked off, but don’t worry – there’s still time to watch most of the sessions.

The feedback has been remarkable; you don’t want to miss this training.

Go grab your pass now here: Membership Site Success Summit.

Austin has a track record of producing some excellent summits, and this has proven to be among the best.

Austin’s handpicked lineup of 20+ speakers will make sure you receive the very best teaching on the membership site strategies that have helped build multi-million dollar businesses.

You’ll be learning from top experts such as Stu McLaren, Justin Ferriman, Marc Grabanski and Carol Tice.

So if you haven’t already, go acquire your ticket here now, and participate in the remaining online classes: Membership Site Success Summit.

By the way, if you are as busy as we are, you will be happy to know that there is an optional upgrade to participate in the class series later. They are recording all the sessions and you can obtain a one-year access plan for both the recordings and a copy of the hand-outs the speakers used.

We invested in this upgrade so we wouldn’t need to worry about missing anything. You might want to do the same.

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