If done well, a “membership site” where interested people sign up and pay a monthly or annual fee can be a win-win opportunity.

Members can receive valuable information, software or other tools that will help them in their business or personal lives.

The owner of the site can receive value, too. They get:
■ The immediate income from their members
■ The long-term relationship with members, a relationship that provides many other opportunities for income.
■ Increased visibility and credibility on the niche they target, which can bring in increasing sales over time.

It’s no surprise that many marketers turn to membership sites for ongoing income.

A membership site (or a group of them) can be your way of generating recurring revenue for a long time to come.

You just need a push in the right direction and instructions for each step along the way.

Liam Austin has organized one of his famous Success Summits to bring in experts on membership sites to train you in the process of setting up and running your own membership site.

At the Membership Site Success Summit on August 9-11, 20+ experts are going to help you solve this issue by sharing their battled-tested tactics.

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Austin and his team at EntrepreneursHQ surveyed their audience of 150,000 entrepreneurs and found that many of them struggle with earning recurring revenue.

This upcoming Summit is the result of their survey. It starts in 2 weeks and offers 3 days of expert training in profiting from membership sites. And the whole conference is free to attend.

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