Today is the kick-off for the Membership Site Success Summit

Claim your spot now so you don’t miss a thing.

If you, like many other entrepreneurs, want to build a recurring revenue stream in your business, you’ll want to clear your calendar for this conference.

Grab your free ticket here: Membership Site Success Summit.

The summit host, Liam Austin, has a track record of producing some excellent summits, and this may be his best yet.

The presenters are people who have created a business for themselves, a business that brings in a recurring 6-figure (some make 7-figures) revenue every year.

During the 3 days, each of the speakers will teach you the steps you need to build a successful membership site for your own business.

Here’s a list of the sessions in the conference:


– The 5 fundamentals of growing a membership, Stu McLaren
– How to validate and start your membership site, Troy Dean
– A prelaunch and launch strategy for your new membership site, Carol Tice
– A 5 step system to awesome membership site content, Andrew Lock
– A bite sized and action based method to creating great courses, Colin Gray
– Micro-content that avoids dropouts and overwhelm, Justin Ferriman
– Monetize your podcast by a membership content strategy, Jason Snell


– How to minimize friction and maximize student outcomes, Mike Weiss
– Set membership promises and over-deliver on expectations, Chris Ducker
– Focus on turning up consistently to increase retention, James Schramko
– Membership retention strategy: A marathon, not a sprint, Mike Morrison
– Be ridiculously real and not professional at all, Timothy Sykes
– Pre-eminence and the 4 stages of membership sites, Micah Mitchell
– How to use your customer community to build a loyal army of advocates, Richard Millington


– How to recruit and build a dream team for your membership site, Mitch Bowler
– How I give massive value to members through a team, Lawrence Ellyard
– How to increase price and grandfather existing members, Sean McCabe
– How to turn haters into raving fans, Marc Grabanski
– Control member growth and refunds using a waitlist, David Stein
– A proven method to choosing the right membership software, Eric Turnnessen,
– The metrics to track your membership site success, Blair Williams

There has never been a free conference that offers as much training as the Membership Site Success Summit, and this is training by true experts.

By the way, if you can’t attend all sessions, you can buy a replay package so you can see the ones you missed.

So if you haven’t already, go grab your free ticket here now: Membership Site Success Summit.

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