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Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Growing Profits – Fast Actionable Business Tips & More #ad

Joel Comm has been a leading online marketer for close to 10 years. He is best-known as the author of the best-selling book, The AdSense Code: What Google Never Told You About Making Money with AdSense . In addition, he has come up with many other creative ideas for software, training and pre-built websites in online marketing. Now, he has just released his latest, called Growing Profits. . This is a community website he and his partner, Dan Nickerson have built to be a repository of short actionable tips and nuggets in multiple business categories. Each month they share new ideas that will improve... [...]

‘Why Do Traditional Publishers Hate Authors So Much?’ by Joel Comm

Joel Comm’s latest blog post is titled “Why Do Traditional Publishers Hate Authors So Much?”. Comm says, “There’s no question that traditional publishing houses have been putting an unfair squeeze on authors for decades. So much so that others have compared it to holding onto slave labor. Unfair? You be the judge. The similarities are there. The list of atrocities against writers is long and well documented. There is no arguing that they’ve throttled writers with unfair commissions and contracts and gatekeeping for far too long. But finally, it’s all starting... [...]

‘Write Better Copy by Watching Movies’ by Joel Comm

Joel Comm’s latest blog post is titled “Write Better Copy by Watching Movies”. Comm says, “In the course of writing some blockbuster promotions (a number of my sales letters have brought in seven-figure paydays for my clients), I’ve seen what works when it comes to copy. I believe there is a “magic ingredient” you can inject into any anemic, pathetic, lackluster piece of copy … and transform that underperforming sales letter into an order-getting engine of prosperity. How did I stumble upon this “secret”? Watching movies. More specifically,... [...]

‘Tell Me A Story’ by Joel Comm

Joel Comm’s latest blog post is titled “Tell Me A Story”. Comm says, “I love visiting different places around the world. I especially enjoy staying in a different city and picking up the nuances of different cultures. Even in the US, an experience in one city can be completely different from an experience in another city. I find it amazing that within the fifty states, we have so much variety. Think about the differences between those living in Manhattan and those in Hawaii”. Tell Me A Story Joel Comm’s Blog  [...]

‘How to Blog for Fun and Traffic’ by Joel Comm

Joel Comm’s latest blog post is titled “How to Blog for Fun and Traffic”. Comm says, “There have been more articles written on the subject of blogging than just about every other topic. It’s been beaten to death. So why in the world would I put a piece out there on the same topic. Because I want to. And frankly, because there are still many people who don’t understand the key to long-term success with their blog. Following are several observations and pointers to help you make the most of your blog”. How to Blog for Fun and Traffic Joel Comm’s Blog  [...]

‘How To Become a New York Times Bestselling Author in 6 Months or Less’ by Joel Comm

Joel Comm’s latest blog post is titled “How To Become a New York Times Bestselling Author in 6 Months or Less”. Comm says, “Joel Comm was the keynote speaker at my annual Traffic Generation Summit in London last year, and it gave us a chance to finally connect in person. Having seen Joel’s career and level of recognition in the industry take off after becoming a New York Times bestselling author in 2006, I decided to follow in his footsteps. A month after our meeting in London where Joel shared with me some invaluable tips, I started writing my first book, ‘The... [...]

‘The Great Social Media Experiment’ by Joel Comm

Joel Comm’s latest blog post is titled “The Great Social Media Experiment”. Comm says, “With the arrival of the Facebook IPO, people are saying the social media bubble has arrived. Valuations are through the roof. Some who used to be skittish about social media are jumping on the bandwagon in droves. The future has arrived and it looks like Facebook. But where has social media really taken us? Is it truly everything we hoped it would be? Is it all noise and mindless blabber? Is it nothing more than photos with inspirational sayings? Is it a popularity contest? Are businesses... [...]

‘How to Hire a Geek’ by Joel Comm

Joel Comm’s latest blog post is titled “How to Hire a Geek”. Comm says, “In the previous article, we learned about the five different types of geeks, and how each can benefit you. Now, we’ll find out how to go out and actually get one! There are four approaches to finding geeks, but because this is just a short article, I can only cover one of them. You can learn more in The Geek Guidebook“. How to Hire a Geek Joel Comm’s Blog  [...]

‘Three Reasons Not To Use a Free Blogging Platform’ by Joel Comm

Joel Comm’s latest blog post is titled “Three Reasons Not To Use a Free Blogging Platform”. Comm says, “Many people who work 8 to 6 jobs as wage slaves, often decide to try their hand at making a living on the Internet. They discover a product, program or service to promote, and set out about trying to build a blog or a website without spending a single penny. They use a free website building service or a free blogging platform. They work very hard getting the site built and try to attract visitors. Then they fail, and they say: “Earning money on the Internet is a... [...]

‘What is the Meaning of Life?’ by Joel Comm

Joel Comm’s latest blog post is titled “What is the Meaning of Life?”. Comm says, “It’s Sunday morning and I am reflecting on my recent post where I opened the door to sharing more of my journey with you. My first thought was to be encouraged by the number of reads and favorable comments that resulted. It is wonderful to know that you are not only reading what I write and watching what I do next, but that you are willing to continue doing so even if I take some dramatic turns”. What is the Meaning of Life? Joel Comm’s Blog  [...]

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