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Monday, August 10, 2020

Would you leave your home unlocked and the door open? #ad

Being careless about your security can cause your downfall. Unfortunately, according to the Ponemon Institute, 73%+ of website owners are doing the same to their business, with little or no security in place. The door is wide open to hackers. Is your site one of them?The sad truth is that you’re never too small to get hacked. But there are answers to the hacking epidemic.Since 2012, Matt Garrett has been developing and refining his BlogDefender software that protects WordPress blogs from hacks and malware. Each year or so, he presents a refined version with new sophistication and adaptations... [...]

Don’t let your site get hacked; it would be disastrous #ad

Hacked sites go downhill fast. Google doesn’t trust them (and rightly so) and removes them from the search results. It can take months or years to rebuild trust.You even can get into legal trouble with the Consumer Protection Agencies if the hacker starts stealing people’s credit card information.It can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars in lost sales, not to mention time wasted and frustration when you get hacked. Isn’t it worth a small investment to make sure that doesn’t happen?Matt Garrett’s site was hacked. He tells about this terrible event in his business life here: How... [...]