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Monday, August 10, 2020

Would you leave your home unlocked and the door open? #ad

Being careless about your security can cause your downfall. Unfortunately, according to the Ponemon Institute, 73%+ of website owners are doing the same to their business, with little or no security in place. The door is wide open to hackers. Is your site one of them?The sad truth is that you’re never too small to get hacked. But there are answers to the hacking epidemic.Since 2012, Matt Garrett has been developing and refining his BlogDefender software that protects WordPress blogs from hacks and malware. Each year or so, he presents a refined version with new sophistication and adaptations... [...]

Your WordPress blog may be at risk of hacking #ad

WordPress is a popular platform for blogs and other websites. That’s because it’s so easy to use. People have flocked to this quick way to build and maintain a site, but this popularity has it’s dark side, too.So many people, all using the same online software, form a big target for hackers. When they find a vulnerability in WordPress, they have a million websites where they can exploit that vulnerability.So WordPress site owners need to be especially vigilant to avoid having their site taken over by hackers.Even sites owned by governments, sites that we might rightly consider... [...]

TrafficShield stops hackers in their tracks #ad

You never want to have your website hacked. It’s even worse than having your PC hacked. The problem is that some hackers are very clever, and probe any weakness in your defenses in your site that they can find.By the way, WordPress sites are especially vulnerable. When they probe many WordPress sites they find abundant opportunities to penetrate defenses and do their malicious damage. Without taking extra precautions, your WordPress site may have open doors that welcome hackers into your administrative system.Even if they don’t succeed, these attempts to penetrate your site eat up... [...]