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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Maps Prospector: Prospects for your local marketing services #ad

If you are a marketing consultant for local businesses, your greatest need is prospects, but not just any prospects; you need hot prospects, ones that both want more business (who doesn’t?) and don’t know how to get it, but may have a vague notion that the Internet may be their answer. Paul James and Anthony Devine have a new software tool that searches out prospects in dire need of online marketing services. He calls it Maps Prospector. Google Maps is a critical tools for local marketing success, but even if a local business has heard of it, they often don’t know how to take... [...]

Three offline WSOs for under $1 #ad

If you didn’t buy Shelley Owens’s three informative e-books, you’re in luck because she and her partners are offering a remarkable bundle for a remarkable price. Even if you did buy one or two of them, the bundle is so attractive, it’s worth buying just for the one you are missing. The three books in the bundle are: • QR Code Mastery: Over 100 creative ways, many taken for real life examples, you and your clients can use QR codes to market products and build a business. • Mobile Marketing Mastery: 1. Making your website usable on mobile devices; the small screen... [...]