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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Site Speed Profits: Faster Sites, More Profitable Sites #ad

Google loves fast loading sites. Visitors love fast loading sites. Other things being equal, fast sites get more traffic and earn more profit. Now you can improve your own site’s speed and, if you’re a consultant, you can speed up the sites of all your clients, with the insights and software in Site Speed Profits. People get bored with slow sites and often leave without buying anything. You don’t want that problem, but now, even if you are not tech-savvy, you can speed up sites by using the software and following the instructions in Site Speed Profits. Three experienced marketers... [...]

Local Lead Arbitrage: Potentially profitable business #ad

If there’s anything any business needs, it’s a steady stream of new potential customers or clients. Current customers drop out through death, moving out of area, or changing needs, even if they like the business, so profits will go down unless there are new customers coming in. Businesses that know how much a new customer/client will spend, on average, know what they can afford to pay for a new lead. They more they hope to earn, they more they will pay. This creates an intriguing business opportunity for the marketer who knows how to find good leads. They can find the leads at a small... [...]

Maps Prospector: Prospects for your local marketing services #ad

If you are a marketing consultant for local businesses, your greatest need is prospects, but not just any prospects; you need hot prospects, ones that both want more business (who doesn’t?) and don’t know how to get it, but may have a vague notion that the Internet may be their answer. Paul James and Anthony Devine have a new software tool that searches out prospects in dire need of online marketing services. He calls it Maps Prospector. Google Maps is a critical tools for local marketing success, but even if a local business has heard of it, they often don’t know how to take... [...]