If you are a marketing consultant for local businesses, your greatest need is prospects, but not just any prospects; you need hot prospects, ones that both want more business (who doesn’t?) and don’t know how to get it, but may have a vague notion that the Internet may be their answer.

Paul James and Anthony Devine have a new software tool that searches out prospects in dire need of online marketing services. He calls it Maps Prospector.

Google Maps is a critical tools for local marketing success, but even if a local business has heard of it, they often don’t know how to take advantage of it. That’s where you come in, and that’s how this new software can help you succeed in this market in your area.

The fact is that there are millions of unclaimed Google+ Local pages still waiting for the business owner to claim them. These businesses are missing out, because they don’t know about this tool, or they don’t know how to use it.

These business owners have a big problem with their Google Maps‘s local listings page (also called the “Google My Business page”).

Maps Prospector finds these unclaimed pages for you. Then you can go into action.

Google thinks unclaimed pages represent businesses tha may be out of business. And because of that, Google doesn’t rank these pages very high. That’s terrible news for the business owner, but an opportunity for you.

The businesses need help. They have no idea that this problem exists, or even if they do, they are unable to solve the problem, themselve. But you can.

Maps Prospector gives you everything you need to contact these businesses and solve their problem.

You get name, address, email, phone, website and even a link to their local listing. You also get a guide that shows you how to claim the Google+ Local page for the business. What you charge them is up to you.

You can become their hero. When you fix their problem, they know you, and they know you can provide services they need. Your foot is in the door, and you can offer them other helpful services, too.

The cost of this software and training is rising, so don’t delay. Get your copy here: Maps Prospector

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