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Friday, September 24, 2021

REDDIT Marketing Guide, Free WSO #ad

Reddit users tend to be fanatical about it. It’s hard to go a day without a dose of Reddit. And there are a lot of these users. Plus, the scope of the Reddit subject matter is quite far-ranging. That makes it a useful platform for marketers. Leon Tran is offering a Free REDDIT Marketing Guide on how to use Reddit for marketing. That could be valuable to you because, with 17 million unique visitors and 150 million page views a month, Reddit can be a major opportunity, regardless of the niche you market in. The other nice thing about Reddit is that you can use free methods to do your marketing... [...]

Jeff Hampton giving away his new SEO training, free for a limited time #ad

A couple of weeks ago, Hampton gave away the first version of this SEO package. Now he has made updates and is inviting everyone to download the revised version to get the updates. Like the first version, Instant SEO shows us effective ways to improve our SEO to increase our rank in the search engines. Hampton has found these changes improve both Google rankings and Bing rankings. The product is built around a case study, He takes a bran-new domain name, registers it, build a site around it and optimizes it right before our eyes in these free videos. In less than a day, it was on page 1. And the... [...]