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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Instant Tweet Cash: How to use Twitter in Marketing #ad

Leon Tran just released a new training course, Instant Tweet Cash, that shows you how to use the power of Twitter to reach millions of Twitter users. Some of those users surely want your product or service. You need to know the ropes of twitter marketing and take advantage the techniques that give you an advantage. Here’s what you are going to discover in Instant Tweet Cash: Video Module 1: Introduction To Twitter Marketing Video Module 2: Successful Twitter Page Video Module 3: 7 Steps To Twitter Marketing Success Video Module 4: Creating Your Twitter Page Video Module 5: Customize Your... [...]

Free Training: Buyers List Arbitrage #ad

A Buyers List in your niche is the epitome of a useful mailing list. This is a list of people who have actually bought something in your niche. People who have bought once are likely to buy again, more likely than someone who has never bought before. Arbitrage is the art of procuring something of value at a low cost and selling it for a high price. Leon Tran‘s new training, Buyers List Arbitrage, will show you how to build a list of buyers in your niche, at very low cost, and then use that list over and over again to bring in multiple sales. This is true arbitrage, but it goes beyond the... [...]

Buyers List Arbitrage: Free training on building a buyers list #ad

When you build a mailing list, big is good but only if the people on the list are likely to buy from you. Put another way, in list building, quality is more important than quantity. The best quality list is one filled with buyers of products in your niche. Usually, the way to get a list of buyers is to launch a product and save the contact information for the people who buy your product. That works, but it takes a while and involves considerable cost to create the product, build a sales page and delivery process and then manage the launch. Leon Tran has found a way to build a buyers list without... [...]

REDDIT Marketing Guide, Free WSO #ad

Reddit users tend to be fanatical about it. It’s hard to go a day without a dose of Reddit. And there are a lot of these users. Plus, the scope of the Reddit subject matter is quite far-ranging. That makes it a useful platform for marketers. Leon Tran is offering a Free REDDIT Marketing Guide on how to use Reddit for marketing. That could be valuable to you because, with 17 million unique visitors and 150 million page views a month, Reddit can be a major opportunity, regardless of the niche you market in. The other nice thing about Reddit is that you can use free methods to do your marketing... [...]

Free training on selling teeshirts online #ad

Radio stars Bob and Ray once asked, “Is it proper to drink coffee in a teeshirt?” Most people think the answer is “Yes”. Millions of teeshirts are sold each year. A lot of them are sold online. And many online teeshirt businesses are doing well in this business. You can start your own teeshirt store online and participate in this growing market. There’s a new WSO TeeSpring Warrior Guide that shows you how to get started, and it’s free. Here’s what’s in this new training: • The mission and history of Teespring • How to your own custom designed... [...]

99 Easy Ways To Get Traffic in 2015 #ad

Don’t miss this free training. Leon Tran is offering his new e-book, 99 Easy Ways To Get Traffic in 2015, at no charge, for a limited time. We all need more traffic to our sites. Tran did, too. So he came up with these 99 traffic generation methods, and now he is giving them to you. Use one method, and grow your traffic; Use them all and watch your traffic escalate. Get your free copy here: 99 Easy Ways To Get Traffic in 2015.  [...]

Get a first page ranking with no backlinks #ad

If you want people to find your site, the search engines can be your friend; that is, if you give them what they are looking for. SEO Holy Grail shows you how to do just that without any “black hat” methods. Everything you do is completely legitimate. Often you hear that you need a lot of good backlinks to be ranked high. But Leon Tran has been refining his SEO and has found that you don’t necessarily have to build a large set of backlinks to rank well. (Of course, good backlinks shouldn’t be looked down on. After trying this approach, Tran says he easily generated over... [...]