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Thursday, January 20, 2022

Pizza Money: Local Restaurants need this service #ad

Dr. Ben Adkins just released Pizza Money. It shows you how to create your own SMS marketing service for restaurants in less than 25 minutes. Just show restaurants why they need it and offer it for a monthly fee. It takes only a few minutes a month to support a client, but the service will be a real blessing to them, and for that value, they should be willing to sign up as a long-term client. Don’t let the name fool you. Adkins started doing it for pizzerias, but it isn’t limited to pizza. This system works for all kinds of restaurants, including bars, steakhouses, sushi, Mexican, etc. The... [...]

New Bonuses Available for The Evil Traffic Magician #ad

As we announced, Dr. Ben Adkins released The Evil Traffic Magician yesterday. This training shows you over a dozen unusual, but productive, ways to bring traffic to your website, some free and others requiring an investment. The Free Traffic Tricks include: ■ The “John Forum Hancock” Trick ■ The WordPress Alarm Trick ■ The Facebook Inception Trick ■ Facebook Crowd Favorite Trick ■ The Content Marketing Triad Trick ■ The Five Dollar Alien Trick ■ The Birdsong Trick Some of the Paid Traffic Tricks included are: ■ The YouTube Ad Stranglehold... [...]

The Evil Traffic Magician is back #ad

Dr. Ben Adkins calls himself The Evil Traffic magician. He uses unorthodox (magical?) methods to get traffic to his websites. Like actual magicians, Adkins doesn’t normally reveal his tricks except to his close associates. But over the last 4 years, Adkins has traveled all over the United States and has made friends with some of the most experienced online traffic experts. Now he (along with his expert friends) is training the rest of us in his traffic tricks. He talked his friends into sharing their top traffic generation methods with him and even putting these methods on video to create... [...]

Video Spike: How to bring on a spike traffic spike #ad

Today, at 11:00 EDT, Dr. Ben Adkins releases his new training package, Video Spike. Many of us have tried writing our own video sales letter scripts or have have spent money on countless video tools and software in order to engage prospects and increase sales. If that’s you, and you still haven’t seen a surge of traffic. Dr. Adkins has a solution for you. He says following his process in Video Spike can bring a spike in your site traffic; hence the name. Here’s what you are getting in this new training package: • The Video Spike VSL Formula: You’ll be able to create high converting... [...]

Assembling Six Puzzle Pieces Created an Internet Millionaire #ad

Dr. Ben Adkins was ready to quit marketing online. He had tried “everything” the big names in online marketing were teaching and had gotten nowhere. Then, in December, 2011, he looked at what the big marketers were doing, and stopped listening to what they were saying. And his eyes were opened. What made them successful was their sales copy, in their emails and on their websites and blogs. That was they key to their high incomes, not the “solution of the month” they were promoting. So, Adkins started a detailed study of their sales messages, looking for the common threads... [...]