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Sunday, March 3, 2024

Three Steps to Visualize Data With Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio enables you to turn your data into eye-catching visuals and easy-to-read reports. Using Data Studio you can gain better insights and improve marketing. Content Marketing Institute contributor Fatmir Hyseni has shared three steps to use Google Data Studio for visualizing your data. Hyseni says, “Whether you’re reaching executives reviewing analytics (82% of CMOs say they lack the experience to effectively do it) or you’re telling number-based stories to your website visitors, visualization can be a compelling and dynamic format. Data Studio also is user... [...]

Nine ways data visualization can help your business

Proper analysis and use of data can help you take your business to newer heights. The data has created an altogether new opportunity for all of us to expand our businesses. ReadWrite contributor Megan Ray Nichols has shared nine ways data visualization to grow your business. Nichols says, “Being so integral to operations, it makes sense then that the data should be organized in practical, accurate ways that allow for easier consumption. But beyond that, what are the benefits of a solid data visualization strategy? What can it do for a business? Here are nine examples. 1. Visualized Data... [...]

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