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Thursday, February 2, 2023

FunnelMates: Funnel Builder That Pays You To Use It #ad

FunnelMates, just released by Cindy Battye is a complete funnel creation, lead generation and email followup system that automates all aspects of creating entire marketing funnels. With it, you can also build a list of unlimited email subscribers, and create, store, and send automated email sequences to them. Here are some highlights of FunnelMates : ✓ You can access a library of DFY Affiliate Funnels that are integrated with JVZoo, W+, Clickbank, and Pay Kickstart products ✓ Each of these Funnels has:  • DFY Lead Magnet  • DFY Landing Page  •... [...]

Perfect Storm Of SEO Traffic, Viral Traffic & Cash Generation #ad

Cindy Donovan Bettye has been hard at work, turning out useful software for people and companies who market their goods and services online. One of her latest and best is StickyPost. This is a new WordPress plugin that any person can use. It lets you pull into your posts, graphics that will illustrate them, making them more attractive, more “sticky”. In summary, StickyPost lets you turn any post into an image-rich, fully monetized slideshow divided into compelling bite-sized mini-posts. Three steps: 1. Write your post 2. Decide how many sections you would like it divided into 3. Click... [...]

Video Overplay: put videos to work selling for you #ad

Cindy Battye has released new software that provides a new way to make videos earn money for you. Whether you are an old hand at online marketing or are brand new, you probably know that video is the most powerful way to get viewers and readers of your site to stay involved. Battye’s WordPress software, Video Overplay, makes the power of video even more powerful This powerful WordPress plugin is designed to put monetization directly in your videos by giving you control of every action that your viewer takes. Here’s a brief list of Video Overplay’s capabilities: • Insert opt-in... [...]

Fortune 500 companies and celebrities drive traffic for you #ad

The new social media site Periscope is full of opportunity for marketers, but most marketers haven’t caught on to it yet. This new site adds 10 years of content every day, and virtually all is free for you to use for your own marketing. Not only that, people watch 40 years of the historic content every day. This is a big deal, if only you could exploit that bounty of content in your marketing. Cindy Donovan Bettye saw the potential, studied how to take advantage of it and produced a training program that shows you all she learned (and software to implement it.) She calls this package WP Scope... [...]

Make your posts sticky for lower a bounce rate #ad

Bounce rate is one of the key factors in determining your ranking in the search engines. A bounce is when a visitor arrives on a page on your site and leaves without going to another page to explore your site. You want visitors to hang around, explore the information riches you provide, and become a frequent visitor. The first step is to get them to stay a while. That’s the purpose of WP Sticky Posts, a WordPress plugin that takes long posts and divides them into multiple sections that go on separate pages. If your posts, even your best ones, are on a single page, a visitor may stop with... [...]

New way to generate unique highly targeted video content #ad

In the last week we have had a focus on Periscope, Twitter’s new live streaming video service. If you haven’t read the introduction to Periscope we placed in the Curmudgeon’s Corner, I urge you to do so, because Periscope is the best friend a marketer has acquired in a long time. For a marketer, the most important facts about Periscope are: 1. Periscope lets marketers (and users, in general) broadcast live, for free, with nothing more than a smartphone. 2. These broadcasts are automatically recorded but the recordings are destroyed after 24 hours. 3. The direct integration of... [...]

WP Scope: Free Video Content & Viral Traffic #ad

Imagine that you could build a massive video following in just 30 seconds. That could elevate your business success dramatically. That’s what Cindy Battye is offering in her new software : WP Scope. It just went live this week and it has already sold over 2000 basic and upgraded versions. People are aware of the quality software Bettye has released in the past (about a dozen marketing tools) and are counting on this new one to be just as good. With : WP Scope., she is letting you take advantage of the new, free, marketing platform from Twitter, known as Periscope. It is largely untapped... [...]

Can Periscope expand your audience, build your brand authority overnight? #ad

Veteran marketer, Cindy Battye has just released a turn-key solution for publishing fresh, hot, trending video content and then using it to magnetically gather leads and sales, a solution that she calls WP Scope. In this new software, she is taking advantage of a brand new, and so far, untapped platform: Twitter Periscope (Periscope.TV). This software is a leading edge content creation tool and traffic tool that solves a universal problem for marketers using Periscope: how do you profit from from your ‘Scopes’ long after you have held them? (They usually disappear after 24 hours.)... [...]

Commissions in minutes with robust affiliate DFY website #ad

The multi-national marketing team of IM Wealth Builders (Cindy Battye, John Merrick and Soren Jordansen) have just released their Covert Commissions online software membership site. This is a plug & play system for earning affiliate commissions virtually on autopilot. In Covert Commissions, they have completely eliminated the learning curve and have done 99% of the work for you. They say they have some unique benefits in their new system: * You don’t have to sell anything. * You don’t need to learn HTML or any other techy stuff * You don’t even need your own website, autoresponder,... [...]