Cindy Battye has released new software that provides a new way to make videos earn money for you.

Whether you are an old hand at online marketing or are brand new, you probably know that video is the most powerful way to get viewers and readers of your site to stay involved.

Battye’s WordPress software, Video Overplay, makes the power of video even more powerful

This powerful WordPress plugin is designed to put monetization directly in your videos by giving you control of every action that your viewer takes.

Here’s a brief list of Video Overplay’s capabilities:
• Insert opt-in forms inside your videos
• Place call-to-action buttons inside of videos on your blog
• Add social sharing buttons in the videos
• Include multiple option call-to-action buttons for maximum conversion
• Include any kind of HTML banner ad in your videos
• Track impressions and actions for all your videos
• Split test your ads
• And a lot more.

It is easy to make videos when you use the latest technology. But making those videos pay for you is still a struggle. This powerful software changes that forever.

get the whole story of what this software can do, then get your own copy here: Video Overplay.