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Thursday, September 23, 2021

VisuaLab: Powerful whiteboard videos from PowerPoint templates #ad

VisuaLab is a powerful, all-in-one tool for creating stunning graphics and videos for all your marketing campaigns. You won’t need to buy any fancy software. Included in VisuaLab are all the professional templates for dozens of projects, and they can be effortlessly edited using Powerpoint. ☝ No tech skills ☝ No learning curve ☝ Everything you need is included, even music. Actually, 64% of consumers make a purchase after watching branded social videos, according to research by We have said it before: for the best results online, you need to use video. The sad fact... [...]

Crowd-sourced Viral Content to boost all your social+web traffic #ad

If you haven’t taken advantage of the traffic that can send you, you re missing out on one of the least appreciated marketing powerhouses. More online traffic goes to on a daily basis, than to LinkedIN, Instagram, Pinterest, and Craig’s List. If you want your site to be seen as cutting edge and relevant, you need to build a lot of organic traffic signalling that your site is of interest to many people. Getting involved with Reddit can help you do that. When you have high quality niche-specific traffic coming to your site, profits will follow, as history has shown. Unfortunately,... [...]

Instantly improve your Facebook ad targeting #ad

Ali G‘s new Social Interest Freak software finds just the Facebook members who are likely buyers for your product or service, so you can show your ads only to them. Now, you can focus the targeting for your Facebook ads using any number of criteria for defining the audience you are wanting to reach. Maybe you only want to serve people in California, who love Chevrolet and are Republicans with an income over $100,000. Social Interest Freak will let you do things like that. Regardless of what niche you’re in, the better you target your ads, the less waste there will be in ad views and... [...]

Social Interest Freak: Pinpoint ad targeting for Facebook and Instagram #ad

Ali G has just released his new Social Interest Freak desktop software. Actually, this is version 2, an upgrade from his earlier release. It’s built on Adobe AIR, so whether you use a PC or a Mac, this is for you. It started out as a Facebook tool, but now, in Version 2, Instagram is also supported. Its purpose is to precisely target your marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram so every penny you spend brings you a payback. Ali has created a demo video to show you what this new tool with do. You can check it out here:Social Interest Freak Demo. This is up-to-date marketing you won’t... [...]