Ross Carrelsays he has found that Facebook is the fastest tool available to marketers who want to scale up their business quickly. He has created Hero Tower to show you how.

In fact, he doesn’t just show you how; he has built software that helps you do it. Hero Tower:
• Automatically locates all the best, most interesting and engaging content in your niche
• Syndicates that proven content back to your Facebook pages, on a schedule you choose
• Integrates an unlimited number of money-making ads and offers on your page
• Does all this within minutes when you make a few simple clicks

Carrel says that to really earn a lot on Facebook, you have to do things on a mass level; each niches you target will earn you la little each month. To earn a lot, you need a lot of niches, more than a persona can handle manually. That’s why he invented Hero Tower.

With this software, it becomes practical to manage 30-40 pages and even make them authority pages that can attract a lot of traffic.

It can even split-test and rotate ads on the fly with a few simple clicks.

In summary, this is both a curation tool for Facebook and a sophisticated ad manager for Facebook.

Whenever somebody clicks on the highly engaging content that will be posted for you, they will also see your ads, and when they click those ads, there’s potential earnings opportunity

There are three ways to invest: an unlimited plan, a 10-page plan, and a $1 7-day trial.

You can get the whole story here: Hero Tower.

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