Andy Brocklehurst has a new WordPress plugin called WP Scarcity Plus. He reports that it can significantly increase your sales and opt-ins.

This new plugin lets you to grow your business, and it helps you sell more.

Whatever you’re selling (e-books, courses, services…etc), with WP Scarcity Plus, you can create “smart” countdown timers to generate a sense of urgency for your visitors.

Urgency tends to boost your sales because people who want to think over their decision are confronted with a deadline. They can’t put off their decision, so often they decide favorably.

And it’s easy for you to set up. With just a few clicks of your mouse you can automate either “evergreen” special offers or one-time offers, whichever you choose.

And you can overlay eye-catching header and footer banners over your content that stay in view while the visitor scrolls up and down the page. Your deadline stays right in front of your customer’s eyes.

In addition or as an alternative, you can add a floating widget that also will be attention-getting for your visitors. They know they need to take action immediately or they will miss the chance to grab your products.

When the count-down reaches zero, you can choose to automatically hide your offer and replace it with any content you prefer (like “Sorry; this deal is no longer available”), or you can redirect the visitor to any URL you select.

When you invest in WP Scarcity Plus, you will get a developer’s license; use it as many times as you need to, for your own sites or your client sites.

Don’t wait; get your own scarcity solution here: WP Scarcity Plus.

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