Leslie Ye says, “If eyes are the gateway to the soul, a subject line is the gateway to an email. Everything a prospect needs to know about an email is in the six to eight words they see in their inbox: Do you seem human? Do you have interesting insights to share? Does it seem like you could potentially help?Prospects will make assumptions about the answers to those questions the moment they read a subject line. if you choose your words wrong, your emails will never get opened. It doesn’t matter how good your insights are or how cute the GIF you included is — if your subject line sucks, you might as well have sent a blank email.

When you only have six or eight words to capture a prospect’s attention, every single one has to count. It’s bad enough when the words you choose aren’t compelling or interesting. It’s even worse when your subject line uses a word or phrase that sets off subconscious alarm bells. Avoid the 13 words below unless you want your prospects to send your messages straight to the trash. Find out your industry’s email open rate benchmark and start being better than average. Now.

13 Words to Avoid Using in Sales Email Subject Lines

1) “15 minutes”

Judging by all the cold emails in my inbox asking for 15 minutes, salespeople think this is a great inclusion. But asking for your prospect’s time before you’ve even introduced yourself is a rookie move, and buyers won’t respond well to being asked for a meeting with no established value”.

13 Words You Should Never Use In Sales Email Subject Lines


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