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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

How to Get New Customers Faster

Customer acquisition is one of the most important processes to grow your business. By adopting the right marketing tactics, you can continue to get new customers. Copyblogger’s Stefanie Flaxman has published an article highlighting the mistakes that should be avoided to get new customers faster. She says, “When you start a new business and want to get new customers, you’ll try to spread the word about what you do. You might write content about why your business is important in attempt to convince someone to care about what you offer. It makes sense that you’d want to produce these... [...]

How to Acquire Your First 100 Customers [Video]

Entrepreneur magazine has published a new video ‘How to Acquire Your First 100 Customers’ featuring David Roger to help marketers and businesses get more customers. James McKinney says, “David Roger is the co-founder and CEO of Felix Gray, which sells blue light-filtering glasses. In this clip from an episode of “The Startup Story” podcast, Roger talks about growth tactics he has learned and would use today to get his first 100 customers. Roger talks about the importance of getting close to customers to learn from them. He talks about scaling once you understand why people... [...]

Developing Loyal Fans: The Future of Marketing [Podcast]

To grow your business every day you need to reach more people and get loyal customers. Differrnt marketing platforms can help you to connect with your target audience and persuade them to take actions. Social Media Examiner’s Michael Stelzner has published a podcast ‘Developing Loyal Fans: The Future of Marketing’ to help you create more fans. Stelzner says, “Do you want loyal fans for your business? Want to know how to build a fanbase of loyal customers? To explore how to develop loyal fans, I interview David Meerman Scott on the Social Media Marketing... [...]

Merkle Shares Three Ways to Use Amazon to Acquire New Customers

Amazon has moved beyond an e-commerce platforms. It offers businesses an ability to utilize its tools and services for increasing sales and achieving growth. Merkle contributor Melissa Reilly has shared three ways you can leverage Amazon for acquiring new customers. Reilly says, “For years, some advertisers have hesitated to invest too heavily on Amazon because, among other reasons, it offered limited options for acquiring new customers. Brands were undoubtedly reaching new customers, but there was no reporting to understand how often that was happening and there was no opportunity... [...]

How to Forecast ROI from SEO [Video]

To achieve success in online marketing you need to have good grip over the search engine marketing which can be achieved through SEO. The Practical Ecommerce team has published a video recording of its webinar ‘How to Forecast ROI from SEO’ to help marketers predict online ROI. The Practical Ecommerce team says, “Obtaining sustainable, long-term organic search traffic takes much time and effort. It’s definitely not free. But is it worth the investment in people and software? In this 30-minute online seminar, which first aired on October 23, 2018, we’ll offer a framework for... [...]

7 Simple Ways to Grow Repeat Customers [Video]

Getting the continuous customer flow is one of the most important things you need to grow your business. The Practical Ecommerce team has published a video recording of its webinar ‘7 Simple Ways to Grow Repeat Customers’. Watch this video recording to learn how you can get repeat customers and grow your business. The Practical Ecommerce team says, “Repeat customers are the lifeblood of an ecommerce business. They require no acquisition expense and their average order values are typically higher than first time buyers. But in an age of cutthroat ecommerce competition, retaining... [...]

How to Start a Business With One Customer and Make It Popular [Video]

Securing the first customer is a big win for your new business. Entrepreneur team has published a video featuring Jeff Rose and Noah Kagan advising marketers on how to grow a business. The Entrepreneur team says, “In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Jeff Rose talks about a few lessons he has learned while launching original products and building an audience. Rose cites Noah Kagan, of AppSumo and the marketing and business blog, Kagan says, show one person what to do first, and from there, you can see what gaps are there for you to fill and improve upon. So, if you... [...]