A website that deals with Conversational Copywriting defines it as no-hype, zero-jargon, totally transparent, high-engagement, trust-building approach to copywriting online.

As the term suggests, the conversational copywriting helps you to easily connect with your audience and drive them into desired direction.

Copyblogger columnist Nick Usborne has shared three myths that exist about conversational copywriting.

Osborne says, “Before I get into what makes me scream, shout, and reach for hard objects to throw, let me be clear about my definition of “conversational copywriting.”

It’s a way of writing sales copy that sounds like one friend enthusiastically selling something to another friend.

Conversational copywriting is still about selling … but in a way that is honest, transparent, and respectful of your audience.

It’s the zero-hype, no-BS antidote to the hard-sell approach.

Truth be told, this has always been at the heart of the very best copywriting. It’s what made me fall in love with the craft when I got my own start as a copywriter in 1979″.

3 False Beliefs about Conversational Copywriting that Make Me Want to Scream


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