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Friday, December 6, 2019
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Archive for the ‘ Personalized Marketing ’ Category

‘As ‘Campaigns of One’ get more personal, are we nearing the point of over-personalization?’ – Martech Today

Barry Levine says, ““Campaigns of one” are a common refrain today among digital marketers, replacing mass market campaigns with highly pinpointed orchestrations of content, offers, ads and more directed at individuals. But that pinpoint keeps getting sharper and sharper, driven by a massive influx of new types of data and by increasingly intelligent platforms. At […]

‘Online Marketers Need to Embrace Personalization: Here’s Why and How’ – MarketingProfs

Assaf Dudai says, “Digital publishers (and in the age of online content, marketers are exactly that) have found themselves in the middle of the most crowded market imaginable—online content. The proliferation of online content has been overwhelming for publishers and readers alike: For publishers, it presents the daunting task of breaking through the noise; for readers, […]

‘How Missguided uses personalisation to create an addictive shopping experience’ – Econsultancy

Nikki Gilliland says, “Missguided might be a relatively young brand, but over the past few years it has garnered a reputation as one of the most impressive and innovative ecommerce companies out there. Mark Leach, Head of Ecommerce at Missguided, spoke at the Festival of Marketing this week on the subject of personalisation. Focusing on how […]

‘Four ways to avoid ‘creepy’ personalisation’ – Econsultancy

Jeff Rajeck says, “Personalisation is one of the hottest topics in marketing; the promise of segmenting customers into ‘markets of one’ is alluring for any brand. But the pushback from consumers is almost as strong. That feeling of being ‘watched’ may be enough for consumers to abandon a website or leave a store. So what can […]

‘Six things to consider when implementing personalisation’ – Econsultancy

Jeff Rajeck says, “Personalisation is an exciting topic for marketers these days. In a 2016 Econsultancy survey, Customer Experience Maturity in Australia and New Zealand, more than two in three (69%) regional marketers said that ‘personalising customer interactions’ was ‘very important’. And in our global 2016 Digital Trends report, ‘targeting and personalization’ was the most popular response when […]

‘How Waitrose is using personalisation to increase conversions’ – Econsultancy

Nikki Gilliland says, “For the average shopper, supermarket loyalty is a thing of the past. With price and proximity being two of the most important factors in where people shop, it’s usually a case of whatever makes life easier. Waitrose, a supermarket well known for its middle class ‘essentials’, is attempting to change this attitude […]

‘Why Your Organization Is Approaching Personalization Wrong’ – Forrester

Fiona Adler says, “A few weeks ago, I learned that my credit card number was part of a large data breach and that I needed to cancel it immediately. My first thought? Panic and trepidation – what if someone already charged my card? What about the companies I have recurring payments with – will they […]

‘Why make it personal? Personalisation vs contextualisation’ – ‘Econsultancy’ Blog

David Griffith-Jones says, “This article explores the difference between personalisation and contextualisation and assesses the risks and benefits. Which one is right for your business? It’s become increasingly common for brands to personalise or contextualise the digital customer experience. By optimising the online messaging for a specific audience or context, businesses avoid broadcasting the same message […]

‘Why Implementing Relevancy into Email Programs Can’t Wait’ – MarketingSherpa Blog

Daniel Beulah says, “A few moments after her featured speaker session at MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2015, Shawna Dahlin, Senior Email Marketing Manager, Microsoft Store, sat down at the Media Center with MarketingSherpa Reporter Courtney Eckerle to discuss why it’s so important for marketers to recognize problems and implement changes to their email campaigns as soon […]

‘Personalized Marketing: Choosing your targets wisely’ – MarketingSherpa Blog

David Kirkpatrick says, “A recent MarketingSherpa B2B Newsletter case study, “Personalization Marketing: In-trial messages increased online registrations by 15% for a B2B SaaS,” covered Brainshark, a cloud-based B2B service for training, sales conversions and marketing. The case study examined how Brainshark pushed personalized messaging on users of a freemium product that offered a scaled down version […]