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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Archive for the 'Holiday Marketing' Category

Merkle on Winning the SEM Holiday Season

Merkle’s Adrian Troy, Gaia Read, and Egle Mazonaite have published an article highlighting six useful strategies to improve your holiday sales with a strong search engine marketing plan. They say, “While a lot of the usual Cyber Week prep work is already behind us, below are some tips and tactical ideas on how retailers can continue to win throughout the entire holiday season. Encourage Consumers to Go In-Store If Store Inventory is Stronger Than Online First and foremost, before they go in-store, it’s important that customers know you prioritize the health of shoppers and employees... [...]

Guide to Creating Black Friday SEO Strategy

As the holiday season comes closer, it is time to prepare our strategy to reach more buyers this year and create more sales. The Conductor team has published a guide to creating the Black Friday SEO strategy. Claudia Higgins says, “Google serves more than 5 million searches per month that are related to Black Friday. And we know this estimate from Google is averaged out across a full year. If we conservatively estimate that 85% of “Black Friday” related searches happen in November, that means of the 60 million annual searches, roughly 51 million searches take place in November, and most... [...]

Inc. Shares 3 Tips to Prepare for Holiday Season during Covid-19

Inc. contributor Bill Hobbs has shared three useful tips to help you prepare your business to get most from the upcoming holiday season during the testing times of COVID-19 pandemic. He says, “Brands can expect the following 2020 holiday shopping trends. Lower overall spend  Many consumers are facing economic uncertainty and financial stress, and they are likely to be more frugal in their holiday spending this year. Two in every five shoppers plan to spend less than they did last holiday season, according to Accenture’s annual survey. Deloitte has a slightly more optimistic view,... [...]

Improve Your Holiday Email Conversions with These Strategies

Email plays a pivotal role when it comes to marketing and holidays are not an exception. A well-designed email campaign with effective copy can help you to improve your conversion rate. Practical Ecommerce contributor Carolyn Nye has shared five email marketing tactics to help you improve your conversion rate during the holiday season. Nye says, “I’ve received many holiday email-marketing messages since the busy Black Friday to Cyber Monday weekend. In this post, I’ll share five that are especially clever. Combining Email and Physical Mail I was looking in November for... [...]

PPC Hero’s 12 Holiday PPC Optimization Tips

To make most from your holiday marketing efforts, you should be planning your PPC holiday marketing campaigns right now as the holiday season boasts the most lucrative quarter for many online businesses. PPC Hero contributor Stephanie White has shared 12 holiday PPC optimization tips to improve your marketing results. White says, “This year is coming to an end and we are almost through the holiday season. Here are some holiday PPC optimization tips you can make in your account right now. Some of these tips will help you reduce wasteful spending and improve ROAS. SQRs/Negatives It... [...]

How to Generate Traffic and Turn It into Sales for The Holiday Season [On-Demand Webinar]

Rise in your website traffic can bring brighter days for your business during the holiday season. By getting more and more people to your sites, you can try to persuade them to make purchases. Outbrain’s Kelly Hayes has made available on-demand replay of the webinar ‘How to generate traffic and turn it into sales for the holiday season’ to help you make most from this holiday season. Hayes says, “What You’ll Learn The power of Native and an introduction to Outbrain Why you need a seasonal and holiday sales strategyHow to optimise your landing pageKey... [...]

How to Prioritize and Categorize SEO Holiday Topics [Podcast]

An effective SEO strategy helps you to reach more people online. Especially during the holiday season, a well-defined SEO plan is highly essential. Searchmetrics contributor Jordan Koene has published a new podcast episode ‘How to Prioritize and Categorize SEO Holiday Topics’ featuring Tyson Stockton. Koene says, “When it comes to last minute SEO optimizations, knowing where to start and what to prioritize is key to winning the optimization battle. Join host Ben and Searchmetrics’ Director of Services Tyson Stockton as they continue their Holiday Triage week discussion reviewing... [...]

How to Generate Traffic and Turn It Into Sales for The Holiday Season [Webinar Replay]

To get more sales done this holiday season you should focus on getting huge flow of traffic. Outbrain’s Kelly Hayes has made available a replay of the webinar ‘How to Generate Traffic and Turn It Into Sales for The Holiday Season’ to help you increase your sales. Watch this webinar to learn: The power of Native and an introduction to Outbrain  Why you need a seasonal and holiday sales strategy How to optimise your landing page Key takeaways from case studies with real results  Best practices to implement today. How to generate traffic and turn it into sales for the holiday... [...]

Here’s AWeber’s Holiday GIF Guide

Pictures speak louder than words. Make sure to use plenty if images this holiday season to grow your online sales. AWeber’s Liz Willits has published the holiday GIF guide to help you build interesting and effective holiday email campaigns. Willits says, “We know how expensive it can be to purchase creative, high-quality images or GIFs, and how time consuming they can be to create them by yourself. That’s why the AWeber design elves made a FREE holiday GIF guide for our blog readers. Use the 16 animated GIFs below for your holiday email marketing campaigns. (GIFs can increase click-through... [...]

Four Ways to Promote Limited-Time Offers with Facebook Ads

Limited-time offers work well during the holiday season and help you to generate more sales. If you are using Facebook to reach out your audience, you can use Facebook ads program to directly promote your offers during this peak season. Social Media Examiner contributor Sally Hendrick has shared four ways to use Facebook ads for promoting limited-time offers. Hendrick says, “To maximize potential sales, use a multi-faceted solution that involves Facebook video and retargeting ads to deliver your offers automatically. A few days prior to your campaign going live, you’ll need to have the... [...]