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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Archive for the 'Conversion Optimization' Category

MaxConvert: AI-based Personalized Notification Technology #ad

At 10:00 EST, Dr. Amit Pareek releases new software that increases engagement, leads and sales: MaxConvert Commercial. For the first 3 hours of the launch, you can use the coupon “supervip” for a 11% discount. Here is the rationale for this new software: Everytime we see a countdown timer on a deal, we tend to make an immediate purchase. In addition, everytime we see a notification box, sticky bars, pop-ups, splash pages on landing or when exiting any website, page, we tend to take ation so we don’t miss out. Rock star marketer Neil Patel recognizes the importance of these tools... [...]

Strategies to increase on-site conversion with site search

Providing site search facility is a great way to help your customers find out what they want, apart from what they are seeing on your landing page or blog. HubSpot’s Alex Girard has shared some useful strategies to increase your  on-site conversion with site search. Girard says, “According to WebInc, visitors who use site search are 216% more likely to convert into paying customers than regular visitors. This is because the behavior of someone using site search is largely different from someone just clicking around your navigation. This is especially true for ecommerce companies.... [...]

Tailor your online ads to your reader’s location #ad

There’s a new piece of software that we just learned about. Check it out today because the price will rise at midnight EST Wednesday. Anywhere on your WP website, in your text, as a link for a graphic or in a sidebar, footer or header (literally, anywhere), you can make your advertisements specific to the country or city of your site visitor. It’s all done by the power of Covert Geo Targeter. This plug-in is very clever but super simple. It does one thing only, but it does it well. Covert Geo Targeter lets you insert your visitor’s location (country, city, state/area and country... [...]

Optimizing Online Conversions

Getting traffic to your site is not only good; it’s necessary if you are going to make any sales. But traffic alone isn’t enough. Visitors have to convert into buyers. We just came across a useful (and free) 22-point checklist on improving your site’s conversions. It was on a Shopify merchant’s site. The checklist mentions apps that run in the Shopify system as methods for implementing the suggestions. But, if you aren’t using Shopify in your business, you can use the suggestions by using other apps or doing the work manually. The point is the concept; you can work... [...]

Improve you conversion rate with these eleven strategies

Entrepreneur’s VIP contributor Susan Gunelius has shared eleven call to action hacks to help marketers boost clicks on their sites and improve the conversion rate. says, “As you create your online marketing materials, it’s likely each one will include a call to action button or link. There are many elements that affect the click rate and conversion rate for each piece, and the call to action button or link is one of the most critical. Keep the following hacks in mind. They can turn ineffective calls to action into click and conversion generators. 1. Message The words you use in your... [...]

3 Ways to increase your conversions

Managing to have a good conversion rate is a challenge almost all marketers face today. You can try different techniques to improve conversion rates. Entrepreneur contributor AJ Agrawal has shared three ways to boost your conversion rate. Agrawal says, “Even if you don’t have any experience building chatbots for business, there are steps you can take to implement this technology soon. Before you do so, take a look at what chatbots can do for your business and how you can use them to increase conversions: 1. Improve your customer service. When was the last time you interacted with an automated... [...]

Conversion Rate Optimization: Getting The Right “Yes” (Video)

The MarketingExperiments team has published a video on Conversion Rate Optimization featuring Flint McGlaughlin, Managing Director and CEO, MECLABS Institute. MarketingExperiments’ Linda Johnson says, “McGlaughlin focuses on two negative components that are driving down the response rate on the ZOPA homepage to give you ideas for fixing your own homepage. He reveals where there is friction that is causing psychological resistance for potential customers of the online personal finance peer-to-peer lending company, and he shows the elements that are causing customer anxiety —... [...]

‘Homepage Optimization: 5 Marketing blind spots that inhibit conversion’ – MarketingExperiments

Paul Cheney says, “We all have blind spots. Some of us more than others. But if we’ve learned anything from the last 100 years or so of marketing and advertising, it’s that marketers have some of the worst blind spots imaginable. So it’s no surprise that we need a little helpseeing our pages with new eyes: the eyes of the customer. For the past 20 years, MarketingExperiments has been researching why people say “yes” to a given offer. What we’ve found through this research is that it’s often not what we, as marketers, think it is. Our self-interest always gets in the way of... [...]

‘Conversion Factors That Impact Your Online Marketing’ – ‘MarketingExperiments’ Blog

Josh Wilson says, “Why do people say “yes” to your offer?  Any time there is an ask for something, whether you are asking people to purchase something, give you something or to do something, the person can either say “yes” or “no.” In this short article, I will explain the conversion heuristic and how it can help you optimize your online marketing efforts and get to more yes(s.) What is a conversion? Definition — Conversion:  noun. The act or process of changing from one form, state, etc., to another. If you are a marketer, it is your primary responsibility to help convert... [...]

Building a Business; What Matters, by Ryan Deiss

Deiss says that while traffic matters, what matters more is conversions. What is at the heart of conversions is the quality of the offer being made. So, if you have been concerned about getting people to your site, take some time to make sure they find their visit worthwhile, once they get there.  [...]