There’s a new piece of software that we just learned about. Check it out today because the price will rise at midnight EST Wednesday.

Anywhere on your WP website, in your text, as a link for a graphic or in a sidebar, footer or header (literally, anywhere), you can make your advertisements specific to the country or city of your site visitor.

It’s all done by the power of Covert Geo Targeter. This plug-in is very clever but super simple. It does one thing only, but it does it well.
Covert Geo Targeter
Covert Geo Targeter lets you insert your visitor’s location (country, city, state/area and country code) anywhere on a blog (sidebar, post, post title menu, even other plug-ins).

This has an immediate application for Amazon affiliate sites. When people click your link send them to the Amazon site in their own country, not just to There they will see prices in their own currency and descriptions in their own language.

Think how much better your conversions will be when your site speaks their language.

The other obvious situation where this would be a benefit is for local marketing. If the site you are building serves several cities, you can tailor the ad to the city of your site visitor. You could show a picture of the store in their own city, with that store’s phone number, etc.

You can easily see the value of geo targeting your blogs, using your visitor’s actual location in your titles, posts, ads and more can be a huge conversion booster for you.

It makes you stand our from the crowd, it gets people’s attention, makes them read your post and click your ads.

With Covert Geo Targeter, it’s both easy to do and cost-effective.

This plug-in allows you to insert your visitors City, State or Country anywhere on your blog, including:

• Post and page titles
• In other plugins
• Custom menus
• And, of course, in posts and pages.

Watch this demo video now to see just how easy and powerful this is. In the video, you will discover several conversion strategies that geo targeting will provide.

Covert Geo Targeter Demo

Today, this plugin is available with “grand opening” pricing, cheaper than you will ever see again.

However, it is a dime sale, so the price does go up with every order, so delay works against you.

Check it out now and get it before the price goes up, here: Covert Geo Targeter

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