Entrepreneur’s VIP contributor Susan Gunelius has shared eleven call to action hacks to help marketers boost clicks on their sites and improve the conversion rate.

says, “As you create your online marketing materials, it’s likely each one will include a call to action button or link. There are many elements that affect the click rate and conversion rate for each piece, and the call to action button or link is one of the most critical. Keep the following hacks in mind. They can turn ineffective calls to action into click and conversion generators.

1. Message

The words you use in your call to action message should evoke thoughts of a benefit that consumers will get when they take action. Don’t use generic text such as “Learn More”, “Download” or “Submit” in a call to action button. Instead, the call to action should hype a benefit.

For example, if you’re offering a free ebook that teaches people how to increase sales for their businesses, use that benefit in your call to action (e.g., Get My Free Ebook Now). Another option is to think of the problem the ebook can solve for your audience, and mention it in the call to action (e.g., I Want to Increase Sales)”.

11 Call to Action Hacks to Boost Clicks and Conversions


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