Providing site search facility is a great way to help your customers find out what they want, apart from what they are seeing on your landing page or blog.

HubSpot’s Alex Girard has shared some useful strategies to increase your  on-site conversion with site search.

Girard says, “According to WebInc, visitors who use site search are 216% more likely to convert into paying customers than regular visitors. This is because the behavior of someone using site search is largely different from someone just clicking around your navigation.

This is especially true for ecommerce companies. Offering them a simple way to search through your site’s content will go a long way in converting visitors into customers.

Compare this with people who simply click through your navigation. These visitors are simply collecting information, and weighing their options. Maybe they’ll click the link to your blog and peruse a few articles, instead of looking for an exact blog post that answers a specific question.

Search is an integral part of any well-built site, but it has largely flown under the radar for the past couple of years due to Google’s dominance over the space. Google’s own Site Search product made it easy to quickly implement a powerful search engine on your site”.

Site Search: The Secret to Doubling Your Chances of On-Site Conversion


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