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Monday, January 25, 2021

Archive for the 'WordPress Themes' Category

Infinity WordPress Theme: Drag and Drop Flexibility #ad

Josee Bedard is the creator of many WordPress themes. According to Bedard, her latest theme, the Infinity Theme, gives you the power to build your own WP site with “drag and drop” ease. Now, you can create effective, professional, flexible, responsive websites with this new software. It’s now possible for you to quickly create different layouts and a variety of types of website, all using the same theme. Whether you build websites for clients or simply was to create your own site is a way that makes it look just right, Infinity Theme. can make your sites look professional and... [...]

‘How to Create Profitable WordPress Themes, Plugins, and More’ – Copyblogger

Brian Clark says, “A business powered by digital products is ideal. It’s still hard work (naturally), but you don’t have the particular headaches of dealing with clients or shipping physical goods. If you’re considering building a digital business (or adding to your existing one), the premium WordPress market is definitely something you should consider. WordPress powers more than 25 percent of the websites in the world, and there’s a constant demand for themes, plugins, hosted solutions, and more. The key to success is avoiding the common mistakes that entrepreneurs commit when entering... [...]

ProStyler EVO: Professional, Flexible, Responsive, highly rated #ad

If you are frustrated with the WordPress theme you have been using, there’s a new alternative that you may want to look into, ProStyler EVO Theme, by MichaelFormby. The authors say it is the most flexible , most advanced, and yet an easy “Drag And Drop” theme you have ever seen. You may have heard about the ProStyler Theme several months ago. Since it was released, over 12,000 sites are reported to use it. There’s now a new version (called the EVO version) that you will find even more attractive. This new version of the theme has: • A Responsive user interface, so all... [...]

A WordPress theme for stunning video sites #ad

If you want to take advantage of the current craze for video, either with your own videos or with ones you curate from elsewhere, you need a design that is customized for displaying videos. Today at 10 AM EST, Tantan Hilyatana releases a brand new WordPress theme that makes it simple to build a video-intensive site. He calls the theme Elegant TubePress. This theme is suitable for any marketing purpose, including: ■ Affiliate Marketing ■ Local Business Sites ■ Blogging ■ Product Launches ■ Publishing news stories ■ Artist portfolios ■ Web Design Agencies or Software Agencies ■ CPA... [...]

‘How to Build a Lucrative Business with Premium WordPress Themes’ – ‘Copyblogger’ Blog

Sonia Simone says, “Sometimes content marketers forget that content isn’t only a game for wordsmiths. In fact, there’s a thriving community of visual content creators who have built robust businesses around what they do. And one of the most scaleable ways to do that is to craft high-quality premium WordPress themes. But there’s a lot more to it than “build something beautiful and the customers will show up.” In this post, I want to talk about what it takes to succeed as a WordPress theme designer in today’s environment“. How to Build a Lucrative Business with Premium WordPress... [...]

New Ecommerce Store Builder; Better than Shopify? #ad

There are a number of well-known eCommerce platforms. Perhaps Shopify is the best known, but there are also BigCommerce, Volusion, Spark Pay, CoreCommerce and others. They all do a reasonable job of helping you get an eCommerce store up and running, but they also share another characteristic: The require ongoing monthly payments. Now, there is a new platform for eCommerce that doesn’t charge you a monthly fee or charge you a commission whenever you make a sale: SaleJunction. This new software is available for a single one-time charge. It also has the advantage of not requiring any supplemental... [...]

New Intensivo WP theme builds improved product review sites #ad

A brand new WordPress review theme called Intensivo has just been released by Leonardus Chang. If, like many of us, you are an affiliate marketer, then you might want to see this professional theme for building affiliate stores (such as Amazon affiliate stores.) For 2 days, Chang is offering the theme at a bargain (but dime-sale) price. This WordPress theme would make it simple to build a niche-oriented store. It has some important feature that make it attractive to shoppers. People who are interested in buying something new want to do research so they can be assured that their selection is the... [...]

WAFERLY WP Theme Creates Professional Websites in minutes #ad

Fachrul Stream is the creator of several award-winning WordPress products, has just announced his new Waferly WordPress Theme. If you need a fresh, professional theme consider what this offers: • Fast loading for visitor satisfaction • 100% Mobile Responsive for phones and tablets • SEO Optimized for better rankings • Copy & Paste templates make customization easy • Drag and Drop page builder • Google Analytics is built in to track site success • Many other premium features The theme is suitable for a wide variety of uses: ■ Company websites ■ Business... [...]

Mega Builder creates professional WP sites in minutes #ad

Fachrul Stream is a WordPress product developer, focusing on products that help marketers present their business online in a favorable light so their offers get the best possible response. His latest marketing tool is his new Mega Builder WordPress Theme package. This is a theme that is so flexible that it seems like a dozen themes in one. Whether you are building a simple blog for yourself or a client or a major corporate site, Mega Builder WordPress Theme can get you the look and feel of a high-priced design studio with a few minutes of set up and without any tech skills. When building your sites,... [...]

Set & forget WordPress theme builds profitable video sites in minutes #ad

If you are looking for an elegant theme for building video sites, Yoedi Wahyudi has a new theme that can simplify your work and improve your monetization. WP VidPress is new WordPress theme that allows you create elegant video sites quickly and easily and then quickly populate them with relevant videos captured from YouTube and turn them into video posts. There’s a lot to like about WP VidPress. For example, you will find these features helpful: It will automatically pull YouTube videos into your site. It will automatically create posts with the videos. It’s 100% Fully Responsive... [...]