The problem with COVID-19 information is that it is scattered all around the web. It would take a long time to track it all down. People would like to have a single website where they could get all the relevant information to protect themselves. You can build a site like this with WP C19 Automated News Site.

This is a WordPress theme customized with graphics and code to target the COVID-19 news niche and auto-post niche-specific articles 24/7. With it you can spread updates about COVID-19 when they become available.

As with any WordPress site, installation is a breeze. It takes about 5 Minutes to install this theme with its pre-loaded data on your site.

This is a complete site, preloaded with Coronavirus news articles, Legal Pages and more.

Whenever it finds a news article or news video, it will automatically publish it.

One especially interesting feature is that your site will contain statistics of the pandemic from all the countries of the world, and these statistics are automatically updated every day.

Your site is monetized with Amazon ads. Specifically, every news article will be monetized with related Amazon products and an Amazon API Key is not needed to display these related Amazon products automatically.

You can use the site you build (and build as many sites as you like) or you can sell your site to others.

There will be no charge for any future updates to WP C19 Automated News Site.

By the way, your site uses the latest WordPress features, so your host needs to provide PHP 7.0 and WP 5.2 or above to your site. This is normal, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

Also, we will give our readers who invest in this site two bonuses:
1. CovertDealZon WP Plugin + Whitelabel Rights
2. G-News Curator WP Plugin + Whitelabel Rights

We will place the links to download them in JVZoo.

Now you can help out with getting information quickly to people, and earn commissions at the same time. Get it here: WP C19 Automated News Site.

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