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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Category Name: Google Ranking Tips

‘How To Rank Sites & Grow Targeted Traffic In 2020’ Webinar March 18 [Webinar]

Getting more and more website traffic is very important for your business. And to increase traffic you need to create quality content and adopt right SEO strategies. The Hoth team is hosting a webinar ‘How To Rank Sites & Grow Targeted Traffic In 2020’ on Wednesday, March 18, 2020 at 2.00 pm EST. The Hoth says, “Experience SEO Case Studies Showing Exactly How Sites Are Taking Over The Ranks Of Google In 2020 2020 SEO Case StudiesFirst, we’ll show you brand new SEO case studies on how we’re ranking sites in 2020Battling Back Against UpdatesNext,... (Read More ...)

How to Rank on the First Page of Google [Video]

To achieve higher rankings in Google search results you need to create great content, select right keywords and study the latest algorithm changes of the search engine. Ahrefs contributor Sam Oh has published a new YouTube video ‘How to Rank on the First Page of Google’ to help you improve your search rankings. Ahrefs team says, “Only 0.78% of Google searchers click page 2 results. In this video, you’ll learn how to get off page 2 – 10 and into page 1 of Google results. We have a new video for you today.Here’s what you’ll learn:5 steps... (Read More ...)

Tips to Rank in Google’s Popular Products

Google has simplified the product search by identifying popular products from stores across the web and bringing them together in a new section on Search. Practical Ecommerce contributor Jill Kocher Brown has shared some useful tips to get your products included in Google’s Popular Products listing. Brown says, “Facing declining product searches thanks to marketplaces such as Amazon and Walmart, Google amped up its ecommerce search game last week with a new organic search feature: popular products.Year ago Google replaced its original attempt at organic online shopping,... (Read More ...)

Improve Google Rankings by Avoiding These Myths

Search engine optimization is a continuous learning process. To achieve higher rankings in the search results, you need to cope with the changing algorithms. There prevail several myths about the process of SEO. Content Marketing Institute contributor Mike Murray has shared seven such SEO myths that might be limiting your search rankings. Murray says, “SEO myths and misunderstandings abound in the digital marketing world.Although a little truth may be buried in some of these misconceptions, it’s best to understand the nuances. Here’s my advice: Focus first on your users... (Read More ...)

Eight Steps to Rank Your Website for Specific Keywords

SEO keywords are used in website copy to attract relevant, organic search traffic and improve your site ranking. Well defined keywords help your target audience to find the most appropriate content on your website.Distilled contributor Robin Lord has shared eight steps to help you rank your website for specific keywords.Lord says, “I’ve started working with teams who have spent months or years trying to perfect their technical setup, who’ve invested thousands in link building campaigns but haven’t made sure they include the keyword they are targeting on the relevant page. I... (Read More ...)

Everything You Need to Know about Google Ranking Factors

Understanding what works to achieve higher rankings in Google is something you need to do constantly. There are multiple factors which help you to score well in the search results.The Search Engine Journal contributor Jason Barnard has shared an article sharing how Google search ranking works. Barnard says, “There are hundreds/thousands of ranking factors. Google doesn’t tell us what they are in detail (which, by the by, seems to me to be reasonable).They do tell us that they group them: Topicality, Quality, PageSpeed, RankBrain, Entities, Structured Data, Freshness…... (Read More ...)

How to Analyze & Approach Google’s Algorithm Updates [Podcast]

The Rank Ranger team has published a new podcast episode titled ‘How to Analyze & Approach Google’s Algorithm Updates’ featuring Dan Petrovic.Listen to this podcast to learn how you can improve your search engine marketing by coping with the Google algorithm changes. The Rank Ranger team says, “Today the great SEO experimenter and innovator Dan Petrovic hits the airwaves with us to explore the deep dark depths of Google’s algorithm:Is there something new brewing within Google’s algorithm?Are Google’s confirmed updates a red herring that distract us from... (Read More ...)

Put Google Page Speed Update to work for you

Last year, Google announced that it was raising the importance of page speed in its ranking algorithms. It had determined from user research that Page speed was becoming increasingly important to Google search users, so Google took action on these results:1. In January, 2018, it made page speed a top ranking criterion for desktop searches.2. In July, 2018, it made the same change for searches done on mobile devices.You can read the official Google announcement here: Google Page Speed Update.Webmasters and site owners need to adjust their site’s design to improve the speed or the site... (Read More ...)

Nine-Step Guide to Improve Your Google Rankings

Ranking high in Google gives you an opportunity to get more customers for your business. But it is not as easy as it seems to get those premium rankings in the search results. The Orbit Media Stuidos’ Andy Crestodina has has shared a nine-step guide to help marketers improve their Google rankings using analytics. Talking about the guide, Crestodina says, “The goal is to find a keyphrase that you’re already ranking for, but not ranking that high. If you can find these phrases, you can find the corresponding page. If you can find the page that’s ranking, you can better optimize... (Read More ...)

HubSpot’s Guide to Google Ranking Factors in 2019

Getting your sites listed in the first search result page of Google is the biggest priority. It requires constant work and adaptation of the algorithm change of the search engine.HubSpot has published a guide to Google Ranking Factors in 2019. It can help you work on your ranking strategies for the coming year.Sam Kusinitz says, “To make prioritizing your SEO efforts easier over the next year, we’ve isolated nine of the most important ranking factors for you below.1. Website ArchitectureImportance: ImportantThere are factors that have a greater impact on your Google ranking than... (Read More ...)

Calculated Fields in Google Data Studio [MOZ Video]

MOZ has published the Whiteboard Friday video featuring Dana DiTomaso on ‘Calculated Fields in Google Data Studio’.The MOZ team says, “Google Data Studio is a powerful tool to have in your SEO kit. Knowing how to get the most out of its power begins with understanding how to use calculated fields to apply good old-fashioned math to your data. In this week’s Whiteboard Friday, we’re delighted to welcome guest host Dana DiTomaso as she takes us through how to use calculated fields in Google Data Studio to uncover more value in your data and improve your reports”.Calculated... (Read More ...)

Using the Flowchart Method for Diagnosing Ranking Drops [MOZ Video]

MOZ has published the Whiteboard Friday video featuring Kameron Jenkins on ‘Using the Flowchart Method for Diagnosing Ranking Drops’.The MOZ team says, “Being able to pinpoint the reason for a ranking drop is one of our most perennial and potentially frustrating tasks as SEOs. There are an unknowable number of factors that go into ranking these days, but luckily the methodology for diagnosing those fluctuations is readily at hand. In today’s Whiteboard Friday, we welcome the wonderful Kameron Jenkins to show us a structured way to diagnose ranking drops using a flowchart... (Read More ...)