With a combination of effective SEO strategy with the selection of the right keywords, you can achieve higher Google rankings and grow your business.

Content Marketing Institute contributor Manick Bhan has published an article highlighting five mistakes that Google doesn’t like and how you can stop making them

He says, “Here are five common reasons pages don’t rank higher – and what you can do to change that.

1. Pages with poor content quality

When someone says they want to rank in search results, I ask, “Do you really think that your content is worthy of page 1?” Most of the time, the answer is no. That’s one contributing factor explaining why 90.6% of pages get zero organic traffic from Google.

In the early days of SEO, the inclusion of the right keywords was all that was needed to rank. Now, Google understands how comprehensive, original, researched, and optimally organized your content is”.

5 Mistakes That Google Doesn’t Like and How to Stop Making Them

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