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Friday, December 2, 2022

Archive for the 'Google Algorithm Changes' Category

How I Stay Ahead of Google Algorithm Updates [Video]

Google continues to update its search algorithm to provide a better search experience to its users. For webmasters, it is a challenge to keep pace with these algorithm updates. Watch Neil Patel’s latest video ‘How I Stay Ahead of Google Algorithm Updates’ to explore how he manages to deal with these updates. He says, “How I stay ahead of Google algorithm updates. Have you ever noticed that Google is constantly making algorithm changes? The worst part is that they don’t always give you a ton of notice when they finally roll one out. The bottom line is you simply can’t... [...]

3 Important Google Updates to Understand [Video]

MOZ has published the latest episode of the Whiteboard Friday video ‘3 Important Google Updates to Understand’ featuring Lily Ray. The MOZ team says, “With recent shake-ups to the Google algorithm, Lily Ray joins us for this week’s episode to walk you three of the most important types of search engine updates that can affect your SEO strategies.” MOZ  [...]

Expert SEO & Google Algorithm Predictions For 2023, December 14 [Webinar]

2022 has been a whirlwind of a year for the SEO industry, and there’s no sign of slowing down. This year alone, Google dropped eight confirmed and several unconfirmed updates – leaving many businesses scrambling to keep up. Search Engine Journal is hosting a webinar ‘Expert SEO & Google Algorithm Predictions For 2023’ on Wednesday, December 14, 2022, at 2.00 pm ET. The SEJ team says, “In our next webinar, Pat Reinhart, VP of Customer Success at Conductor, discusses how to handle frequent algorithm changes and market shifts. We’ll recap the biggest SEO insights... [...]

Here’s What Google Classifies as Helpful Content [Video]

Google’s helpful content update helps reward content that gives users a satisfying experience. It is a site-wide signal that can hurt the visibility of all content if too many articles are deemed unhelpful. Neil Patel has published a new video ‘Here’s What Google Classifies as Helpful Content’ explaining how you can create content that Google indexes. He says, “By now you know about Google’s helpful content update. It’s all about how Google wants you to create content for humans and not search engines which makes sense because no one wants to read content... [...]

B2B Marketers Strategizing to Overcome Google Algorithm Changes [Report]

KOMarketing has published a new report ‘B2B Marketers Strategizing to Overcome Google Algorithm Changes’ highlighting how the b2b marketers are coping with the Google algorithm changes. Krystle Vermes says, “As Google continues to make changes to its algorithm, new research indicates that B2B marketers are seeing a negative impact on everything from page views to overall revenue. UpCity recently released the results of a survey aimed at determining how digital marketers are being impacted by Google updates, and statistics suggested that 26% of B2B digital marketers have... [...]

Google Algorithm Updates & Local SEO [Webinar Replay]

Search Engine Journal has published the replay of the ‘Google Algorithm Updates & Local SEO: 6 Top Tips from Experts’ webinar. Heather Campbell says, “With local SEO, Google uses a separate ranking algorithm that considers various factors to produce the best results – and we have the latest information on Google’s algorithm updates. On April 6, I moderated a sponsored webinar presented by Justin Meredith, Digital Marketing Evangelist at Birdeye, and Steve Wiideman, CEO & Sr. Search Strategist at the Wiideman Consulting Group. They dove into the latest search... [...]

A Complete Guide to the Google Penguin Algorithm Update [Guide]

Search Engine Journal contributor Dan Taylor has published ‘A Complete Guide to the Google Penguin Algorithm Update’ featuring the complete history of Google’s Penguin algorithm and how it impacted the practice of SEO. He says, “There have been a number of updates and refreshes to the Penguin algorithm since it was launched in 2012, and possibly a number of other tweaks that have gone down in history as unknown algorithm updates. Google Penguin 1.1: March 26, 2012 This wasn’t a change to the algorithm itself, but the first refresh of the data within it. In this... [...]

Semrush Shares May 2022 Core Update’s Initial Impact

The Google May 2022 Core Update was announced on May 25, 2022. The core updates are changes Google makes to improve Search overall and keep pace with the changing nature of the web. Semrush contributor Mordy Oberstein has published an article highlighting the initial impact of the May 2022 Core Update. He says, “One day after Google officially announced the May 2022 Core Update, the Semrush Sensor caught significantly high levels of rank fluctuations. However, the initial burst of extremely high rank volatility lasted only one day. This is similar to volatility patterns exhibited... [...]

E-A-T & Link Building Guide

E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. It comes from Google’s Search Quality Rater guidelines. E-A-T became well known after Medic Update in August 2018. Search Engine Journal contributor Kevin Rowe has published a guide called ‘E-A-T & Link Building: A Guide to Evaluating Prospects’. He says, “E-A-T has been a hot topic when it comes to on-site content. But why, how, and when should you consider concepts in E-A-T with link building efforts? Your site cannot have E-A-T without a link and brand mention profile. In the Search... [...]

Google Page Experience Algorithm Update Launching in Mid-June [Report]

Search Engine Journal’s Matt Southern has reported that the Google Page Experience algorithm update has been rescheduled from May to mid-June 2021. He says, “Google is pushing back the launch of its Page Experience algorithm update, which will see the Core Web Vitals become ranking signals, to mid-June. Originally scheduled to launch in May, Google’s updated timeframe for the Page Experience update gives site owners at least another month to prepare. Google says in a blog post that the Page Experience update will start rolling out in mid-June, but will not play its full role in... [...]