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Friday, November 25, 2022

Archive for the 'Customer journey' Category

Create better customer journeys with these tips

An effective and well-planned customer journey helps you understand the customers well and treat them accordingly. Marketing Week Jonathan Harman contributor Jonathan has shared a comprehensive article on creating an ideal customer journey in the post-GDPR world. Harman says, “Customer journeys are increasingly complex, and few are the same. You will no doubt be devising strategies across several. At one end, it is about acquiring and then converting customers. Once on-board, you may wish to welcome them. You may be seeking to up-sell or cross-sell to them. Or they may be lapsed... [...]

Adopting a Customer Journey Mindset [Webinar Replay]

Acquia’s ‘Adopting a Customer Journey Mindset: The Secret to Building Great Experiences’ webinar is available on replay. The webinar is presented by David Aponovich and Meagan White. Acquia team says, “It’s a customer-first world, and your brand is just living in it. Customer engagement happens everywhere – websites, mobile apps, online storefronts, in the home, in retail stores, airports, banks, elevators and beyond. Customers expect experiences – powered by digital, informed by data- to be tailored to their interests and needs. This is the new... [...]

Three ways marketers trying to improve customer journey

Brands and marketers have customer journey as one of the most important components on their list. With different tactics they try to make their  customers’ buying experience smooth. Econsultancy columnist Jeff Rajeck has shared three ways marketers try to improve the customer journey. Rajeck says, “Econsultancy, in association with Magento, recently held moderated roundtable discussions in Bangkok with dozens of client-side marketers.  There, brand marketers told us about some of the challenges they face when optimizing the customer journey and what they are doing to over... [...]