Brands and marketers have customer journey as one of the most important components on their list. With different tactics they try to make their  customers’ buying experience smooth.

Econsultancy columnist Jeff Rajeck has shared three ways marketers try to improve the customer journey.

Rajeck says, “Econsultancy, in association with Magento, recently held moderated roundtable discussions in Bangkok with dozens of client-side marketers.  There, brand marketers told us about some of the challenges they face when optimizing the customer journey and what they are doing to over come them. Below are the key points and highlights from the discussions.

1) The corporate mindset is the biggest obstacle to optimizing the customer journey

The challenge

Participants agreed that mapping and optimizing the customer journey requires more cooperation between different departments within companies than just about anything else that they do.  Sales, operations, customer service and even finance are all needed to help marketers understand the whole path to purchase and what happens post-purchase.

Yet, attendees felt that many people within companies do not understand the importance of collaboration and neither do they seem to appreciate the importance of improving the customer journey”.

Optimizing the customer journey: How marketers are overcoming obstacles

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