Acquia’s ‘Adopting a Customer Journey Mindset: The Secret to Building Great Experiences’ webinar is available on replay. The webinar is presented by David Aponovich and Meagan White.

Acquia team says, “It’s a customer-first world, and your brand is just living in it.

Customer engagement happens everywhere – websites, mobile apps, online storefronts, in the home, in retail stores, airports, banks, elevators and beyond. Customers expect experiences – powered by digital, informed by data- to be tailored to their interests and needs. This is the new competitive battleground where winners are created, and losers emerge.

The only way to stay competitive is by building a relationship with your audience at every touchpoint of the customer journey, by removing roadblocks to enable interactions that are engaging, differentiated, and personalised.

If your organisation is ready to adopt a customer-journey mindset, join us to learn about:

  • The Challenge: Removing the roadblocks to exceptional customer experiences
  • The Opportunity: Understanding what’s possible when you adopt a journey mindset
  • The Future: Adopting key steps to creating customer-centric journeys”.

Adopting a Customer Journey Mindset


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