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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Archive for the 'Business in a Box' Category

FunnelXpress: beginner-friendly ‘Pick & Click’ commission system #ad

If you want to get started in an online business, Mark Bishop has just released new software that will help you ease into the online marketing world. He calls it FunnelXpress.This is a cloud-based DFY Funnel creation app that lets you pick from its 30 Battle-Tested Ready-made funnels to customize and setup your very own lead generation funnel monetized with an offer wall on the ‘Thank You’ page. It comes with built-in a traffic generation system to help you easily generate traffic (without worrying about paid ads) and convert visitors into email subscribers. You earn commissions by promoting... [...]

PLR MegaBiz: Multiple Businesses in a Box at low cost #ad

There’s a lot to be said for “Private Label Rights” (“PLR”) content for your business. You get a completed product that you can use as is, or if you want the best results, you can modify it with additional content and with strategic changes that make it especially suitable for your audience. You often get a sales page or whole website you can use to sell the product.Compare that with the work you would have to do to create a product (a training manual, for example) yourself:► Research the niche to see what kind of training people in the niche are looking for.►... [...]

[Price Rising] Build Travel Site in 5 minutes ($4 off coupon)#ad

If you’re looking for an interesting niche, one that has a long history of wide audience appeal and filled with people willing to invest in their goals, it’s hard to beat Tourism and Travel.If you are interested in marketing in this niche, there is a new WordPress site package that can get you started very 100% self-updating WP travel site:WP Travelsite was just released. It will build your travel website in just moments, and then it will maintain itself, including adding new content, automatically.The creator of this “done for you” website is only holding... [...]

SuperSonic: Automated online marketing done for you #ad

Anthony Mancuso and Paul Nicholls have just released SuperSonic, a unique software and training package that makes it “point and click” simple to generate paydays using its 12 proven money-making campaigns.All of the campaigns in SuperSonic have been thoroughly tested and proven to work well. With the included automation software you can get started right away, even if you have no experience. Start your first campaign and see what kind of results you achieve.Here is what is included:► Get 12 campaigns that give you everything you need to make money online► Campaigns that are... [...]

Parallel Profits: Real Business for Real People #ad

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton have been working in online marketing for years. They have a reputation for helping unsuccessful marketers turn around their results. They have developed a 3-Step business model that even beginners can follow to build a durable, lasting, successful, and profitable business, and they are offering a training program for their business that they call Parallel Profits. They are targeting a business service that you can supply that has high demand , but so far, not much competition. In this niche, you only need 7 sales to build your business into a life-changing source... [...]

Build Your Own Digital Product Business with Resell Titan #ad

Have you ever wondered how the world’s top individual marketers make thousands of dollars per day? (and, similarly, how you might, too)?Answer: They do it by creating and selling products of their own, and by getting affiliates to help them sell.By taking this approach, they build their valuable customer list. Then, they can continue to sell other products to the people on their list, so their income doesn’t stop with a single sale.The products they sell can be anything that people are wanting to buy. From a logistics perspective, it’s helpful if the product can be downloaded,... [...]

Affiliate Funnel Clones: Copy profitable affiliate funnels #ad

Affiliate Funnel Clones was just announced and the creators report that it is an ““All-In-One” platform [that] delivers the goods, from converting traffic to proven campaigns that work over again, every time”.They say that they and some of their users have been able, in just 10 minutes per day, to grow their list “and make over $142 in daily commissions”.That’s the kind of result that anyone, beginner or veteran, can find attractive.In Affiliate Funnel Clones, they share the same system, funnels and traffic sources they use for generating passive profits.If... [...]

Done-For-You Viral Slideshow Niche Websites #ad

Pat Flanagan and Brad Gosse have just released their new “done for you” service, a complete done-for-you WordPress viral “clickbait” website, including 10 graphic “tips” slideshows in the niche of your choice (choose one of 10 popular niche websites). Plus, your website is:■ A customized blog design,■ Complete with trending pages,■ Taboola-ready,■ Filled with additional features; see the sales page for full description.If one site isn’t enough for your business empire you can upgrade to sets of 2, 3, 5, or all the remaining 9 viral slideshow... [...]

Covert Commissions makes it easy to be an affiliate #ad

Cindy Donovan has created a lot of software products in the last 10 years, products that thousands of marketers are already using successfully.Now, Donovan has created a powerful ‘done for you’ way to start generating income as an affiliate who sells hot products for a sizeable commission.It’s called Covert Commissions.She has created what she calls Mission Packs, each dedicated to a collection of particular products that you sell as an affiliate. With the work she has done for you, you can get your affiliate marketing campaigns up and running in just minutes.Thes mission... [...]

ResellPress: Ghost-written software you can sell #ad

Key facts of online marketing:1. Having a product of your own to sell is one of the keys to a growing online income. Product owners typically earn more than their affiliates.2. Software pays big. Training is nice, but the buyer still has to take advantage of it, wehi8ch usually means a lot of work. On the other hand, software does something for the buyer, so it commands a higher price.3. It typically requires special skills (and a lot of training) to create software. That’s the bad news. But there is also good news.If you owned a collection of useful software products that you could sell,... [...]