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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Archive for the 'Retargeting' Category

Video Retargeter increases your profits on sales campaign #ad

Racehel Rofé has been selling online for years, and she has been creating products to help other online marketers for almost as long. She has just released new software that gets more sales without needing to increase your visitors. She calls it Video Retargeter. Retargeting is a recent trend in online marketing. When someone looks at a product on your website, but leaves without buying, they don’t leave without a record of that unfulfilled product interest. Something like a cookie records what they have done. When they visit other sites in retargeting networks, such as Facebook and YouTube,... [...]

Do you know what’s really happening on your sites? #ad

The partnership between Mark Thompson and Matt Callen has produced another new product, FunnelTrax. This new product is addressing a need all smart marketers have. If you want to be successful in online marketing you need to know what is working and what isn’t. You need to then do less of what isn’t and more of what is. That what FunnelTrax can do for you. Here’s how it works: ■ Simple Link/Funnel Tracking, plus Advanced features: You can create complete campaigns to track the success of links and of whole funnels; do it in 30 seconds or less. ■ Affiliate Link Cloaking: Hide your affiliate... [...]

Retargeting Wiz: simple WordPress plugin gets hyper-targeted leads #ad

If people see your marketing messages more than once they are more likely to buy. Marketers have known this for over a century. Online, the way to do this is “retargeting”. Your ad follows your visitor after he or she leaaves your site. When they visit a “cooperative” site, they see your ad again. How do you implement retargeting? There are various ways, all involving software. Two years ago, Justin Wheeler met a retargeting expert named Shawn Shellenbarger, who had worked with Google in testing the initial retargeting solution. Shellenbarger had collected over 1 million... [...]

Retargeting Rebellion: How to do retargeting right #ad

Everywhere we go on the web, we see an ad by Chris Munch. That’s because we have visited his sites, and he uses retargeting to remind us of what he can offer. There are technical ingredients to a successful retargeting campaign that must be executed correctly for it to work. But, just as important, there are marketing plans and processes that must be done right, or your retargeted ads, even though they show up on people’s screens, will not bring in the desired sales. Retargeting can help you monetize the visits to your site that don’t results in immediate sales. It could be a... [...]

AdRoll Releases ‘The Retargeting Playbook’ Book

AdRoll has released a new book titled “The Retargeting Playbook”. The AdRoll team says, “Over the past few years, retargeting has become as essential as search-engine marketing and email for engaging and converting customers. In this essential guide, co-authors Adam Berke (President of AdRoll) Lauren Vaccarello (VP of Marketing) and Greg Fulton (Head of Product) teach marketers how to drive real revenue with retargeting”. Key topic of the book are: Who should use retargeting—and why What it takes to define optimization strategies that work How to face the opportunities... [...]

‘Mobile Retargeting: Deep linking effort increases revenue 10.6%, app open rate 8.8%’ – MarketingSherpa Case Study

MarketingSherpa has released a case study titled “Mobile Retargeting: Deep linking effort increases revenue 10.6%, app open rate 8.8%”. Allison Banko says, “Having your customers welcome your app into the home of their smartphone is one thing, but getting them to actually use it? That’s another challenge. Marketers are quickly realizing that scoring an app download is only half the hurdle. Discover how ticket search engine SeatGeek successfully re-engaged its app users by deep linking mobile ads, resulting in an 8.8% increase in app open rate and a 10.6% lift in revenue... [...]