Google search shows 2,38,00,000 results for the term ‘Blockchain’. The Blockchain website presents itself as the world’s leading software platform for digital assets.

In the recent times, Blockchain has turned out to be the buzzword. To help marketers understand more about it, HubSpot has answered four FAQs.

HubSpot’s Mimi An says, “With every tech event I cover, there seems to be a central emerging trend that people just can’t stop talking about. Something like 5G. Or AI. Or VR.

Or blockchain.

If you’ve come across talks and headlines on blockchain lately but just can’t seem to wrap your mind around it — you’re not alone. According to HubSpot’s research, it’s one of the most confusing emerging technologies out there. And while it’s still a fairly new concept, blockchain is one of those technologies that could shape the way marketers and businesses work in the not-so-distant future.

That’s why we’ve put together this explainer with answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about blockchain — from what it is, to how it could impact the work you do.

  1. What is blockchain?
  2. Why is blockchain a big deal?
  3. How does blockchain work?
  4. How can I use blockchain?“.

FAQ This! What Is Blockchain?


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