PLR Wealth is a training course that teaches you how to earn money reselling products that have Private Label Rights.

With Private labels Rights, you can change the “label” (the name, the graphics, the author’s name, etc.) to be your own choice, rather than the original author’s choice, thereby creating a distinct product. The author might call it Affiliate Monster, but you may call it Affiliate Genie, instead, if you prefer.

The first part of PLR Wealth is a training course to show you how to convert the raw PLR into your own unique version that will bring you recognition for your own name and sales for your own account, owing the author nothing as a commission for the sale.

The course has 12 videos explaining how to be successful with these processes:
➤ Understanding PLR Products
➤ Finding Products to sell
➤ Picking and Editing Products
➤ Hosting and WordPress Setup
➤ Website Structure Overview
➤ Installing and Editing Theme
➤ Paypal and Stripe Links
➤ How to Setup an Autoresponder
➤ Strategies for Selling
➤ Ways to Promote Your Website and Products

Included in PLR Wealth is a custom Done-for-You WordPress theme with pages linked together in a funnel that can be used to sell any PLR products while building your email list and earning affiliate commissions.

You also get full training on using the WordPress theme along with 100 training videos that you can sell. These training videos come with PLR Rights so you can sell them as your own product.

As PLR Wealth makes clear, there is a substantial income opportunity selling PLR. With this training, you will understand how to build a business reselling PLR products for 100% profits.

Watch this introductory video to discover the value of this content.

If you want to build a long-term, sustainable business reselling PLR products, check this out today: PLR Wealth.

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