Blockchain is a digital ledger in which transactions made in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency are recorded chronologically and publicly. This technology was invented in 2008 to expand the use of Bitcoin.

It is also influencing the marketing process. HubSpot columnist Raj Chander has shared three ways blockchain may impact digital marketing.

Chander says, “Many facets of business and communication could be affected by blockchain, but much of the discussion to date has been about its impact on banking and financial transactions. While those two areas alone are significant, blockchain’s impact could go beyond currency and finance to affect marketers of all products and services:

1. Changing Data Collection

Anyone can access the internet, but they have to go through traditional gatekeepers: ISPs and web browsers. These companies can learn almost everything we do online, from the things we buy to the articles we read to the people we talk to.

It’s great to think that these gatekeepers will always provide fair access to the web and do the right thing by consumers, but um, have you seenthe headlines recently? Mark Zuckerberg has become the fall guy for a problem that extends far beyond Facebook: our personal data can easily be bought and sold to advertisers”.

This is How Blockchain Could Change Digital Marketing Forever

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