The Forbes contributor Yoav Vilner has shared an article on how blockchain can be used for targeted marketing while monetizing the end users.

Vilner says, “For companies of all sizes, there are fine lines and many overlaps between marketing and advertising campaigns.

One of the biggest conversations that regularly take place revolve around whether it would be more strategic to conduct campaigns at mass, or in a more targeted fashion. Both methods are highly effective when done right, and can drive leads and sales for businesses – all in their own unique ways:

Mass Marketing – The goal is to reach as many people as possible, which can get expensive. In an effort to have broad appeal, all messages must be stated in a basic form,  which may ultimately lead to diluted messaging. However it’s the best way to attract a lot of attention in a short period of time. It’s usually done by big brands with fitting budgets.

Targeted Marketing – The goal of targeted marketing and advertising is to reach specifically defined and profiled audiences. It allows greater flexibility, and can potentially help save time and money on lead generation expenses. This also allows marketers and advertisers to define unique value points to target audiences in a more personal and effective way. However, the opportunity and exposure are much smaller and drive less attention”.

How Blockchain Allows For Targeted Marketing While Monetizing End Users

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